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Overpriced JPEGs

New York, NY, United States

$85k - $200k

Overpriced JPEGs
$85k - $200k
NY New York US

About Us

Overpriced JPEGs is looking for full-time, NYC-based podcast/YouTube Producer + Editor.

Overpriced Media is a growing, thesis-driven media company focused on emerging technology and the creator economy backed by @BanklessHQ and founded by Carly Reilly.

Our mission is to make engaging content that covers emerging technologies – particularly web3.

We have one of the leading NFT podcasts and newsletters (~150,000 subscribers), and a recently launched… gin brand (podcasting goes great with a cocktail).

We are on the very ground floor and transitioning our business in several ways as we believe the opportunity ahead of us is immense. We’re looking for someone who can grow with us and fill in the gaps of what we know.

What You’ll Do

In this role, you will lead the production + editing of individual podcast + YouTube episodes, in addition to more one-off videos. Our goal is to be one of the top technology + culture shows in the world.

This includes a wide range of responsibilities, including: handling schedules and deadlines, booking and coordinating talent, producing key interviews, thinking through story arcs, editing and titling.

  • Handle day-to-day production tasks, including (but not limited to):
  • Pitch episode ideas and work closely with Carly to handle pre-interview, interview, reporting, recording, and writing of stories and script where applicable
  • Perpetually remain up-to-speed on the latest news in the web3, technology, and creator economy space
  • Edit episodes yourself or get episodes prepped for editors before the edit, and then work with editors to deliver episodes in good shape
  • Identify best moments for clips and social media teasers

  • Coordinate to ensure episodes are properly promoted across social media channels
  • Ideate on short-form videos that can serve as fun and effective “ads” for the show, newsletter, or other products.
  • Identify + help prepare content that can be pay-walled vs. content that shouldn’t be
  • Keep content categorized and labeled if needed for later use
  • Coordinate with ad sales team to ensure sponsor content is going out properly

Who You Are

  • You’re #1 goal and skill is to make content that is engaging to watch and listen to
  • You love storytelling and data (even better when the two are brought together!)
  • You’re closely following web3, the creator economy, and emerging technology: you’re playing around with how to incorporate AI in your daily work
  • You are self-driven and have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • You are able to adjust on the fly without getting tripped up
  • You can empathize with just about anyone –regardless of how you feel or what you believe – because you understand how to see the world from different eyes.

What You Have

  • Ultimately, the best candidate is someone who brings curiosity to what’s happening in emerging technology and has bold ideas about creating a compelling listen
  • 4-5+ years experience in audio production / YouTube
  • Livestreaming experience is great but not required, as long as you’re willing to learn
  • Experience in generating and presenting pitches on deadline
  • Experience researching + preparing for interviews
  • Strong familiarity, if not expertise, with audio + video editing, ideally using Pro Tools
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, deadlines, news judgment and time-management
  • Experience working with hosts
  • An independent work ethic combined with a love for and patience with the collaborative process
  • Ability to incorporate notes from editor and take feedback on drafts and process
  • Experience in a fast-paced news environment

Our Work:



  • Must be based in NYC but hybrid work options available
  • Fast-paced + growing
  • $85k-200k

We have two core theses: 1. As a business, we believe that influencers, media companies, and consumer goods companies are consolidating. Mr. Beast has the #1 selling chocolate bar. Kim Kardashian is launching a private equity fund.

We are using NFTs to build in all three categories at once: social, media, and products (Overpriced Jin, a line of premium gin.)

2. As content creators, we believe digital assets and most emerging technology (like AI and VR) is still wildly misunderstood. The opportunity, however, is not to explain what the blockchain is or what NFT stands for, but rather to create content that demonstrates to corporate decision-makers how digital assets, AI, etc. is being utilized and integrated within their industry today and in the future.