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Panaroma Finance
$62k - $75k est.
دبي AE

Blockchain Developers at Panaroma Finance will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic team of developers, help to enhance their skills in Product engineering team. (S)He will work on discovering the potential of blockchain for product launch and post launch to deliver on superior development experience and help with maintenance for blockchain products developed by Panaroma.

(S)He will be responsible for collaborating with the team and working parallel completing the requirements of the project and their task with uncompromising deadlines.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Should have experience on developing smart contract and Dapp on Ethereum.
  • Building application on Private Ethereum Blockchain
  • Assessing the security risks associated with the platform architecture and suggesting/implementing suitable changes for the same
  • Understanding the underlying blockchain architecture and how the APIs have been designed and exposed for consumption
  • Building tools for automation of various task with regards to building and managing smart contracts
  • Working on optimization algorithms to ensure faster execution of smart contracts on the blockchain and minimize any technical/financial risk
  • good to have experience on with Truffle for Ethereum and Tron Grid or Tron Studio for Tron Blockchain
  • Should have experience on Metamask

Personal Attributes And Competencies
  • Strong communication skills and speed of execution
  • Sharp, analytical, and thoughtful with problem solving
  • Gathers the right input/data – Uses both intuition and data to reach a conclusion
  • Proven ability to successfully thrive in an ambiguous environment
  • Thinks big, takes smart risks, is innovative and can think out of the box
  • Strong team player and focused on delivering results with high standards
  • Should have keen attention for detail and should be obsessed with building a good product.

  • 2+ years of experience in blockchain development.
  • Experience in Blockchain technology and knowledge in solution building for customers around Blockchain technology.
  • Should have built an end to end full stack product as part of a startup, or an organization.
  • Hands-on technical exposure to blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and Tron
  • Understanding of various technology used for Ethereum and Tron Blockchain Development.
  • Experience on Smart contract and Solidity, development tools for Ethereum (testrpc, geth, Web3, eth_lightwallet, etc.)
  • Knowledge of ICO, Wallets, Exchanges, and Tokens in Ethereum will be an added advantage.
  • Performed POC's, client presentations on Blockchain.
  • Encryption techniques used in Blockchain.
  • Bachelor's degree required, MBA is preferred.
  • Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills.
  • Good command over NodeJs and React is expected along with experience of working on products at scale.
  • Should be comfortable with RESTful web services/ API.
  • Should be comfortable with server side technologies as well - Node.js, React Docker, Kubernetes et al
  • Should have worked on cloud infrastructures like AWS, MS Azure or Google Cloud.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to share their github/bitbucket or product URLs.
  • Proven awareness of emerging technologies and industry standards.