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Chief Technology Officer CTO Web3 Projects

$30k - $36k

This job is closed

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About Us:

PlayVerse is a diversified platform with a mission to spread joy and knowledge to the world through world-class content, toys & games, and software products. We are a team of founders with experience in starting and scaling D2C brands and digital products

PlayVerse has been backed by Akatsuki Inc., a Japanese gaming company listed on the Tokyo Stock exchange

Mission Statement
*Spreading joy and knowledge to the world through play, content & technology *

Value System

💡“Be as efficient as possible”
We aspire to be as efficient as possible in our business processes, valuing productivity above face-time. We readily embrace the latest technology tools that enable our company to focus our energies on the most value accretive tasks at hand. We also value resourcefulness across the company and encourage a mindset of being conscious of minimizing carbon footprint and avoiding wasteful consumption

💡“Strong Opinions, Loosely Held”
We encourage an environment of transparency across the echelons of the company to enable each person to speak their mind. We encourage differences in opinion and strive towards alternative perspectives that have a common objective in mind. We thus want our colleagues to have opinions that are not etched in stone but are pliable when alternate perspectives are provided. Thus having strong opinions which are loosely held ensures there is no winner or loser in a debate but their collective brainstorming leads to maximizing the outcome of any give project or task

💡“Patience, long term vision and empathy every day”
We are aiming at large outsized outcomes which are only possible by consistent and compounding efforts over time. We must have a long-term outlook on every project we undertake. We must embrace the challenges and be patient and empathetic in our dealings. We encourage Over-communication and clarifications to ensure alignment of objectives. Respect for cultural differences and language is an extremely important part of our company culture.

** What We Do**

PlayVerse Media: Producing and acquiring content that focuses on entertainment or education. We collaborate with studios, content creators and indie artists to acquire, produce or distribute content themed on entertainment and knowledge

PlayVerse Toys: Launching innovative physical toys focused on both play value and learning. Proudly “Made in India” with technology and IP collaborations with global toy-makers. With a strong push for manufacturing indigenous toys, we are taking on the challenge of building India’s own toy manufacturing ecosystem. The first phase is to cater to domestic demand aided by regulation and the next phase is to become an exporter to other markets

PlayVerse Games: Blockchain first games with decentralized governance and optimized for community value accretion through tokenization and participation. We strongly believe that the strong growth in the global gaming industry is here to sustain and we have aspirations to build games that benefit the gaming community due to its inherent nature of being “blockchain first”

PlayVerse Ventures: Taking a cue from some of the most successful internet companies in the world, we want to “productize” tools we have internally built for optimizing our operations by launching SaaS products that focus on enabling D2C brands to scale faster and more efficiently. These tools have vastly helped us in our own journey and we want to share that knowledge with other startups and businesses

Office Location & Timings

Work Timings:
We work from Monday to Friday from 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM every day
Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are not working
We use cloud-based internal collaboration tools like slack, google suite including google drive and Notion in addition to WhatsApp

IMPORTANT: We don’t believe in face time or logging employee hours. We are building a team of “intrapreneurs” who will shoulder the heavy responsibility of risk and reward, hence the weekly sprints and the team’s ability to achieve monthly, quarterly and yearly goals are the only measures of productivity

Office Location:
Location: We work remotely and are unlikely to change this format in the near future

If you choose to work from home, you need to confirm you have a 100+ MBPS internet line and a disturbance-free working environment available

The Role

We are looking for a Head of Technology who is a savvy blockchain developer. S/He will be responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting PlayVerse’s portfolio of blockchain games

Core Job

  • Understand the product vision and design the entire tech stack starting with the protocols to the building blocks to have a seamless, friction-free experience for end-users
  • You will be the key architect actively involved in strategic direction & production decisions from architecture & design of the code, implementation of the smart contracts, implementing the tokenomics as well as technical audit
  • Always be well informed and in sync with the rapidly evolving updates in the Web3 world, and design an agile system for our project to adapt to these changes

Must have Skills / Experience

  • Love for blockchain and coding: An engineer who is a fanatic about developments in the blockchain space and enjoys writing beautiful and scalable code.
  • Analytical mindset: Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills from requirements, design to code & validation. Should be resourceful, innovative and inventive.
  • Relevant work experience in both backend platform development and server-side technologies, with an above-average understanding of the blockchain development.
  • Experience with agile/scrum methodologies to iterate quickly on product changes, developing user stories and working through backlogs. Familiarity in using tools such as JIRA, Confluence, Git, bitbucket, etc.

Good to Have Skills

  • Experience in working at Startups. Former Tech-Founder / CTO or even a current founder working on a blockchain project
  • Ability to articulate technology decisions including parts of complex code or integrations and their repercussions
  • Patience and ability to stomach ambiguity and moving pieces

PlayVerse focuses on Content, Licensing, and Merchandising . Their company has offices in Mumbai. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees. To date, PlayVerse has raised $1.5M of funding; their latest round was closed on April 2022.

You can view their website at or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.