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Rainsoftglobal Technology Services
$63k - $100k est.
NY New York US

Job Description

Who are you?

  1. You’re chain native. That means you know and understand blockchain data, logic, and structure intuitively as a function of exposure and experience.
  2. You’ve had multiple years of experience at early-stage startups (in Web3 or outside) and have been present as they matured and scaled.
  3. Or… You’re working and leading a team at Big Tech right now and looking for a meaningful change. Crypto incumbents included.
  4. In either case, you must have created and led small, focused teams across engineering and product.
  5. You are a humanitarian—you love reading and discussing ideas

Core Responsibilities

  1. Working with the CTO and engineering team to own product-deployment
  2. Full-stack product development, with emphasis on product, front-end, and API optimization
  3. Structuring and delivering on sprint deadlines and goals
  4. Decipher complex on-chain actions and assist in the development of the overall transaction schema

Hard Qualifiers:

  1. Experience working with blockchain data or large datasets
  2. Experience with AWS serverless architecture
  3. React, Node and SQL
  4. Ether.JS experience
  5. Past experience working with blockchain data and familiarity with smart contracts.
  6. Experience implementing real-time (e.g., WebSockets, polling, etc.) web apps
  7. Experience with Solidity is a plus, but not necessary


  1. Equity: up to 1%
  2. Compensation: 125-180K
  3. Health and Dental
  4. 401K Matching
  5. Paid leave!
  6. Company off-site, travel stipends
  7. Technology Stipend
  8. Monthly Food Stipend