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DeFi Derivatives Quant Crypto Trading Desk

Rysk Finance
$50k - $80k

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About us:
Rysk is founded on the core principle of collaboration over competition, bringing together the best minds in blockchain development, protocol design and financial engineering. The core team is global, fully remote and champions productivity, not presenteeism. Together, we are building the next generation of products in decentralised finance.

What we do:
We are preparing to launch the Dynamic Hedging Vault, our automated market maker for crypto options, on chain. The DHV protocol's network of smart contracts will be responsible for all aspects of pricing, trading, hedging, collateral management and settlement. A world first.

DHV harnesses the demand in DeFi for trading volatility by offering sophisticated option strategies to traders through both long and short positions in vanilla options, but it also solves a much deeper problem: systematic correlation. Traditional crypto assets are highly correlated, meaning investors are unable to sufficiently benefit from portfolio diversification. As the name suggests, the DHV is hedged against crypto market moves and, by sharing its trading profits equally among investors, gives its liquidity providers crypto-native returns that are uncorrelated to the wider crypto market. Another world first.

In addition to serving volatility traders and portfolio managers, we have a range of other products that cater to institutional investors and depositors.

Whom are we looking for:
- Excellent problem solver
- Strong in mathematics
- Programming experience
- Fast learner
- Excellent communicator (both verbal and technical documentation)
- Enthusiastic about crypto and DeFi
- Share our vision that the revolution in DeFi has only just begun

Beneficial, but not required for the right candidate:
- Knowledge of derivatives, volatility or stochastic calculus
- Data science
- Python
- Kubernetes / Docker

Your responsibilities and duties:
You will be working directly under our head quant to ensure the smooth running and profitability of Rysk's most sophisticated products. This will include:
- Developing a deep understanding of the asset class
- Financial modelling of crypto and crypto volatility
- Building out the quant analytics library
- Designing Risk Metrics and Reports
- Managing the Desk's production systems & minimise downtime
- Monitoring the protocols' trading activity
- Writing internal paper (methodology docs, whitepapers)
- Publishing research material to the public domain
- Supporting the Desk
- Supporting the wider team and community

Rysk Finance focuses on Finance, Finance Technology, and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in Remote. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://rysk.finance or find them on Twitter.