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CoFounder CTO

Sarum Innovation, Inc.
$150k - $200k

This job is closed

The positions of Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer are leadership positions that contribute immensely to the potential and growth of Sarum Innovation. Currently a start-up, Sarum Innovation is developing a highly disruptive and robust platform that will create new streams of consumer to business, peer to peer, and business to business transactions. Our platform, SarumPay, will require technical leadership, guidance through experience, and creative input throughout all stages of our company's success. This role is highly rewarding to creative individuals with leadership, passion, and experience. As Sarum Innovation is projected to rapidly expand over the course of the next two fiscal years and then on, this role will be one that is fulfilling, exciting, and demanding as we prepare to create the next evolution in the financial services atmosphere.


  • Step into a leadership role within a business built for success -- working closely with your fellow Co-Founder
  • Oversee and lead all technical operations of the platform through a hands-on approach
  • Contribute to early stage training and hiring for the internal engineering team
  • Mentor a world-class team consisting of divers skill-sets; enhancing employee skill-sets via evaluation and mentoring
  • Build high performance, scalable, complex and robust systems from end to end
  • Develop simple solutions to address complex problems
  • Lead our engineer team through an integration platform that connects high volume, very scalable, internal and external systems
  • Bring technical solutions to the leadership team, feedback on existing solutions, as well as providing feedback on new product integrations with the team through review and design
  • Ability to share technical product ideas and solutions with the team
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions and contributing to ideas for our technologies and proofs-of-concept
  • Having a positive, compassionate, and understanding mindset to help lead the team by example


  • Bachelor's degree (or above) in engineering/computer science with an overall work experience of 7+ years in software development
  • Extensive experience designing and developing platforms, frameworks, and components for highly scalable , and high performing systems
  • Expertise on end to end development (front-end & back-end)
  • Baseline knowledge or a passion for the Web3/Blockchain space
  • Experience both designing and executing on strategies, helping to scale a product in development
  • Exemplary communication, collaboration, and leadership skills
  • Management experience (preferably early-stage business)

Why Sarum

Sarum Innovation believes each person is unique, bringing in a unique perspective and understanding through their life experiences, knowledge, and character. Although small at the moment, our team is built on the belief of acceptance, support, teamwork, character, and a passion for having a "people first products" mentality. On a daily basis, we focus on the little things such as, kindness, dedication, respect, and a sense of family. We are a corporation, yes, but we are built upon the principles of a supportive family dynamic. Whether you have colorful hair, piercings, tattoos, or a deep appreciation for punk-rock, we encourage everyone to be their true selves! As a collective of individuals connected through our passions for technology, we encourage you, to be you, with all of us!