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Web3 is a Joke 🌐³😂

Los Angeles, CA, United States

$86k - $120k


Minneapolis, MN, United States

$126k - $144k

E36 Knots


$100k - $130k

Lendr Network


$124k - $180k


Gurgaon, India

$77k - $111k


Gurgaon, India

$84k - $112k


San Francisco, CA, United States

$63k - $100k


Santa Monica, CA, United States

$84k - $100k

Open Sports Network


$100k - $150k

Founders Factory Africa

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

$63k - $100k

NEAR Foundation

Zug, Switzerland

Founders Factory

London, United Kingdom


United States

$63k - $120k

Telurbin Wallet

United States

$72k - $120k

EoT Labs


$122k - $150k

Rapid Pioneers

New York, NY, United States

$45k - $90k


United States

$63k - $90k




Delhi, India

$10k - $90k

CHIC Intl. Studio Co., LLC

United States

$45k - $120k

Dapper Labs

United States

$45k - $100k


San Francisco, CA, United States

$63k - $82k


New York, NY, United States

$63k - $70k

Web3 is a Joke 🌐³😂
$86k - $120k est.
CA Los Angeles US

🎉 We're on the hunt for our CTO & Co-Founder at Web3 is a Joke 🌐³😂 💼


About Us:

We are a Web3 comedy platform that does comedy roasts of all things Web3. We put on live events with crypto and Web3 stars and hilarious roast battle comedians.

We are in the process of building an AI platform for comedians and content creators.

Position Overview:

We are seeking a visionary CTO and Co-Founder who will play a pivotal role in shaping the technological direction and overall strategy of our AI platform. As a key member of our founding team, you will have the opportunity to influence product development and implementation, lead the technical team and drive innovation in a dynamic start-up environment.


  • Technical Leadership: Provide detailed technical direction in building the AI platform and its various functionalities, architecture and infrastructure.

  • Product Implementation: Lead the end to end development process, from conceptualization, deployment to implementation, ensuring the delivery of high quality, scalable and user friendly software solutions.

  • AI & Machine Learning Expertise & Abilities: Build and facilitate advanced AI capabilities and machine learning algorithms for data analysis, anomaly detection, pattern recognition, and predictive modeling.

  • Team Building and Management: Recruit, mentor, and manage a talented team of engineers, data scientists, and developers fostering a culture of teamwork, innovation, collaboration, open door policy and continuous learning.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Identify strategic partnerships and collaborations with industry stakeholders, celebrity comedians, social media comedians, upcoming comedians around the globe, research institutions, and technology providers to enhance the capabilities and reach of our platform.

  • Technology Roadmap: Develop and execute a technology roadmap aligned with the company's long-term vision and goals, while staying agile and adaptable to evolving market trends and customer needs.

  • Risk Management: Identify potential risks and challenges related to technology and development and implementation, and develop mitigation strategies to ensure project success and continuity.

Integrity & Commitment: Display and practice integrity in all aspects of the role and have unwavering commitment to seeing the technology come to fruition at the highest level.

#CTO #Web3IsAJoke 😎✨

What is the work of a co-founder?

A co-founder in a web3 company is a person who works with the other founders to build and grow the company

They are typically involved in the early stages of the company and help to shape its direction and vision

The specific responsibilities of a co-founder in a web3 company will depend on the nature of the business and the specific role that the co-founder takes on within the company

However, some common responsibilities that a co-founder might have include:

  • Lead and grow the company
  • Talking to customers and improving the product
  • Hiring new team members
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key partners and stakeholders
  • Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company