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Alien Star Cloud


Miletus Finance



Dubai, United Arab Emirates

$13k - $69k


San Francisco, United States



Amsterdam, Netherlands

$65k - $85k


Delhi, India

$12k - $100k

CHIC Intl. Studio Co., LLC

United States

$50k - $240k

Dapper Labs

United States

$50k - $200k

NohA Protocol


$150k - $345k


United Kingdom

$40k - $75k

Zug, Switzerland



United Kingdom

$12k - $10k


San Francisco, United States

$70k - $165k


New York, United States

$70k - $140k


United Kingdom

$12k - $10k


Santa Monica, United States

$120k - $200k

Stealth Startup

United States

$60k - $200k



Sarum Innovation, Inc.

United States

$150k - $200k


San Francisco, United States


New York, United States

$100k - $150k



$10k - $200k

Austin, United States




$70k - $100k

New Order

Toronto, Canada

$100k - $120k


Boston, United States



Bengaluru, India

$57k - $16k


San Francisco, United States

$80k - $150k


United States

$25k - $45k



$70k - $120k


Calgary, Canada

$60k - $10k

The Red Blade DAO

Berlin, Germany

$80k - $120k


United Kingdom




$65k - $120k



$50k - $80k

Are you a fullstack engineer looking to partner up for an exciting web3 opportunity?

We are seeking an experienced fullstack engineer to join our team (as cofounder / tech lead) to help serve the needs of millions of people who are being onboarded to web3.

This is an opportunity to help shape and develop a product in an industry you are excited about, but also to build and own a significant stake in a web3 company. You will be working alongside two other enthusiastic and hard working cofounders who are aiming to build a product experience that millions of people will love and a 🦄, while having fun along the way.

Sound interesting? Read on.

About the startup (Alien Star Cloud)

We are building a design studio for NFTs (ID8R), enabling people to express themselves and show-off their treasured digital collectibles in exciting new ways.

  • Two existing cofounders (Australia and Germany), you would in effect be our third.
  • We have generated some early revenue (non-recurring) with an MVP in the market.
  • We see a path to growth, but need a tech lead to continue developing our product based on customer and market feedback.
  • A F&F investment round is covering basic operational expenses (but not salaries).

What we are looking for in a cofounder

  • Has an interest in the crypto / web3 / NFT space. Like us, you see this industry heading toward mainstream adoption.
  • Someone who understands it can be a bumpy ride to product-market fit. We have customer interest, come help us iterate toward success.
  • Strong experience across (at least most of) the tech stack of our MVP: JavaScript, React, Next.js (on Vercel), HTML5, CSS, AWS RDS w/ MySQL, Appsmith.
    • Non-essential, but exposure to these would be useful: HTML Canvas, Three.js / React-three-fiber, Python / Stable Diffusion (+ custom models).
  • Has consistent availability (20+ hours/week) and ok with vesting equity as remuneration until we secure funding / revenue to support team salaries.
  • Ideally has leadership experience (or interest in personal development) to establish a team of engineers (as CTO).

Equity remuneration: ~15% (pending time commitment, vesting), salary to come with funding / revenue.

Questions or applications (incl. CV / LinkedIn, GitHub, and a couple of paragraphs around why this opportunity specifically interests you) can be emailed to [email protected]

I have a deck ready to provide those interested in our high level vision / strategy.

Come build with us 🏗️✌️


When applying, mention the word CANDYSHOP to show you read the job post completely. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Companies can search these words to find applicants that read this and see they are human RMy4yMzUuMTk1LjE5NgM

What is the work of a co-founder?

A co-founder in a web3 company is a person who works with the other founders to build and grow the company

They are typically involved in the early stages of the company and help to shape its direction and vision

The specific responsibilities of a co-founder in a web3 company will depend on the nature of the business and the specific role that the co-founder takes on within the company

However, some common responsibilities that a co-founder might have include:

  • Lead and grow the company
  • Talking to customers and improving the product
  • Hiring new team members
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key partners and stakeholders
  • Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company