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Advisors, engineers, and designers solving business challenges with innovative technology solutions. Multidisciplinary is one of our key differentiators on the market. Combination of Blockchain, XR/VR, AI, Big Data and Cloud technologies in conjunction with our XD and Product design frameworks, plus expertise in FSI, Retail, HCLS, and other business domains allows us to deliver modern decentralized solutions for our customers and provide comprehensive experience to end users. We help our customers throughout the entire Web3 journey: from ideation and tokenomics design to implementation of DeFi, dApps, NFT and complex tokenization scenarios, managing digital assets, building Metaverse and augmented experience

SoftServe is a global launch partner for NVidia Omniverse, we are Google AI partner of the year, and we work closely with AWS, GCP and Azure to deliver solutions at scale. Also, we have number of internal R&D projects intended to define new commercialization scenarios for cutting-edge technologies. Synthetized human or meta human is one of our recent projects that demonstrate how blockchain, AI, VR are working together to merge real and virtual worlds (, accelerate Metaverse implementation.

Our social commitment is one of the important aspects of our life. NFT charity project Virtuous Tractors is one of examples (link). SoftServe OpenEyes, as a charity organization ( ), delivered number of successful projects throughout the lat years.


Tech savvy thought leader with extensive experience in driving strategic initiatives and have proven record of success in delivering blockchain-based solutions, possessing:

  • Excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills, a team player
  • Perfect understanding of how to build effective engagement strategy considering customer needs and business objectives, creating value propositions
  • Skills in systemizing things, asking right questions, driving vision and purpose, managing ambiguity and complexity
  • Algorithmic thinking

With extensive experience in:

  • Designing software architecture, proficiency in at least one of the following technology domains: blockchain, microservices, Big Data, distributed computing, cloud, Infrastructure/DevOps, integration and security
  • Deep understanding of at least one of the blockchain platforms (e.g. Ethereum, Corda)
  • Perfect sense and intuition about how blockchain/web3 ecosystem work (wallets, exchanges, key players on the market, services)
  • Understanding of types of digital assets and tokenization scenarios
  • Driving ideation workshops, solution/architecture design and implementation of complex projects

The following experience would be a plus:

  • Working in advisory teams and applying consultant best practices at scale
  • Delivering solutions for BFSI domain
  • Hands-on experience with at least one of the smart contract languages (e.g. Solidity)
  • Understanding of OOP and “clean architecture”, as well as coding experience (Java, Javascript, Node.js, Typescript, etc.) and virtualization/containerization (Docker, Kubernetes)


  • Be a part of Center of Excellence
  • Define value proposition, blockchain-based service offerings and accelerators for different businesses, analyze market trends and business demands, challenges and opportunities, define GTM strategy in a close cooperation with other leaders in the organization
  • Drive Blockchain/Web3 initiative globally, motivate people around you, build a team of solution architects, engineers, product managers and experts in Blockchain/Web3
  • Make business decisions regarding budgeting and investments for entire practice
  • Drive pre-sales pipeline with sales team, and partnership programs in a cooperation with partnership office
  • Provide consulting services to strategic customers (e.g. refine business objectives, define digital strategy, architecture drivers and deliver comprehensive Blockchain/Web3 solutions)


  • Win big and challenging deals, sign new logos
  • Be the catalysts for the transformation and innovation agenda for both startups and world-leading enterprises
  • Became trusted advisor and define the ways how to maximize business value from blockchain/web3, accelerate adoption of new technologies and methodologies for our customers
  • Grow team of professionals, ready to address any challenges from product design to technical solution implementation
  • Create cutting edge solutions, leveraging Blockchain, XR/VR, AI, Big Data and Cloud technologies
  • Assimilate best practices from experts, working in the team of top-notch Architects
  • Learn from leaders from different organizations (both partners and customers)
  • Being a part of Center of Excellence, you will have a chance to address different business and technology challenges, drive multiple projects and initiatives
  • Leverage capabilities of SoftServe to make a notable impact on a market

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or protected veteran status. SoftServe is an Equal Opportunity Employer.