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$63k - $100k est.
United States US

Hello All,
This is Tejal from SpiceOrb.
SpiceOrb is looking for Block Chain Developer to work for Contract Positions on remote model. If you are interested and a good fit for the position, then please email me an updated copy of your resume, DL copy and visa copy along with the required details to
We intend to close this position by next week.
Please Find Below Job Description
Block Chain Developer
Job Location:- Remote
Looking for a Blockchain Developer to build end to end business solutions and to work with one of the leading healthcare providers in US. The ideal candidate must possess excellent background on Blockchain technologies. The candidate must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability and collaborate effectively with domain and technical experts in the team

  • 8 to 10 years of experience
  • Experience on real-world blockchain projects (not POCs)
  • Participated in setting up production level Hyperledger Fabric network(s)
  • Thorough understanding of
  • Distributed environments, and decentralization, Distributed Ledger environments

ii. Blockchain concepts (Byzantine General's problem, consensus, etc)
iii. Hyperledger stack, Fabric, and associated structures
iv. Types of blockchains and differences
  • Hashing, cryptography, certificates, wallets, Hashicorp Vault, and real-world implementation in blockchain projects

vi. Addressing data privacy
vii. Strategies for loading data into ledgers and query and extraction of data from ledgers
viii. Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes
ix. Cloud environments, Google Cloud Platform/AWS (both preferred, one will suffice too)
  • DevOps experience (preferred)
  • Healthcare experience (preferred)