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Spruce Systems, Inc.
$18k - $75k est.

Spruce lets users control their data across the web. We believe that the world is evolving toward one based on cryptography, networks, and digital economies that are user-controlled. Today, the dominant use case for user keys is the signing of blockchain transactions, but we think this barely scratches the surface of what is possible. Soon, the entirety of a user’s digital interactions will be based on their keypairs, and we’re unlocking this transition with our constellation of products.

Not 100% sure you're a fit? Apply anyway! We look for potential more than anything else, and we expect that you will grow with us to take your career to new heights. We prefer candidates who are passionate about what we are building, avid learners, and have high standards for themselves over those who just check all the boxes or come from a certain pedigree.

Engineering Manager

You will be responsible for supporting the engineering team and optimizing engineering contributions to further the company mission. This includes resource planning, conducting one-on-ones, ensuring sustained career growth for individual engineers, and stepping in with instructive pull requests or code reviews where appropriate. This role is about setting up the right organizational processes for a nimble and growing engineering team to stay that way, while staying deep enough in the code to guide architectural decisions.

You will be expected to participate in technical architecture discussions to keep up to date on the big picture, then use your understanding to strike the balance between business goals and technical possibilities. We will count on you to combine your understanding of both business and engineering objectives to produce realistic timelines, winning product features, and satisfied employees.


  • Excellent written communications skills (necessary for remote work)
  • Experience managing software engineering teams, making pragmatic tradeoff decisions between the possible and practical
  • Experience coaching individual engineers to fulfill their personal career growth, day-to-day prioritizations, and highest leverage focus areas
  • Ability to plan and manage a small engineering hiring pipeline against product roadmaps
  • Able to follow architectural discussions for high security and distributed storage systems
  • Comfortable with rapid directional changes of focus in a startup environment


  • Experience building distributed storage systems at scale
  • Experience with cryptographic key management
  • Proficiency with functional programming paradigms
  • Contributions to open source software projects and technology standards
  • Full-time experience with working remotely
  • Experience with Rust, C++, OCaml, or Haskell
  • Experience with specification tools and model checkers such as Alloy, TLA+, or Coq
  • Have worked in a high stakes industry such as cloud infrastructure, finance, healthcare, social media, and online gaming

We are passionate about cultivating a thriving culture of diverse individuals who bring unique perspectives to our mission. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.