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Crypto Analyst DeFi Web3 Metaverse NFTs Social Tokens DAOs

Stateless Ventures
$50k - $120k

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Technical Analyst (DeFi, Web3, Metaverse, NFTs, DAOs)
Remote, US Timezone preferred

Founded in 2017, Stateless Ventures is an early stage crypto asset investment firm. We back startups with highly asymmetric risk reward potential. Often, these are good ideas that start out looking like bad ideas. Identifying the crossover between what the smartest people are working on during nights/weekends and where the world is going.

Our team is dedicated to putting founders first, acting as a partner through the entrepreurial journey to build a successful company.

We've invested in startups and protocols like Ethereum (2014 seed), 0x (pre seed), MakerDAO, Synthetix (Seed), Cosmos (Seed), Keep Network (seed), Futureswap (Seed), Augur (seed), Republic Protocol and Aave among others.

We take an active approach in portfolio companies where needed. This includes activites such as staking, liquidity providing, DAO governance and partnership outreach. We believe the internet should be more egalitarian. By investing in startups and crypto protocols building the future of web3, we intend to bring about that change.

The Role

Stateless is seeking to recruit a Technical Analyst to lead dealflow sourcing and analysis on the investment team. This candidate will work closely with General Partners and Venture Partners meeting entrepreneurs, developing a point of view, and ensuring the rest of the team is up to speed on the latest developments in a fast-moving space. You should be passionate about crypto, and work to build a network of the best entrepreneurs, engineers, and subject matter experts in the space.

The primary goal of Stateless is to find and invest in bold entrepreneurs building the best protocols, companies, and DAOs.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Source investment opportunities. You are expected to invest first and foremost in relationships. This includes proactive involvement in the crypto community -- attending industry events, meeting with upstream investors, and cultivating university/corporate networks to find entrepreneurs and access deal flow
  • Develop a sharp investment point of view on categories and companies. Build and defend an informed thesis for why we should invest in a company or segment. This thesis should be supported by a deep analysis of both broad industry trends and granular data.
  • Evaluate prospective investments: Assist in conducting a detailed and comprehensive review of the people, products, technologies, go-to-market plan, competitive position, and other relevant information to maximize chances of success for any investment we make.
  • Develop a deep understanding of Tokenomics. Why a toke should accrue value. Suggest ideas for founders to improve their tokenomics. Assist them with token design.
  • Participate in DAOs on behalf of Stateless Ventures. Active in voting and community calls.
  • Maintain industry awareness. Develop a network of sources and information to ensure up-to-date understanding of the crypto industry. This includes growing a network of subject matter experts and leveraging data science tools such as Nansen, Parsec and Skew.

To join our team, you should be excited to:

  • Build and cultivate long-term relationships
  • Play and test many new products, dapps, protocols, NFTs, Social Tokens, Crypto Games (P2E etc) and DAOs.
  • Demonstrate passion about the Crypto space; fascinated with the startup ecosystem, new markets, and new ways of doing things
  • Display intellectual commitment to discover what others do not
  • Synthesize vast amounts of data and resolve what really matters
  • Quantitative analysis; observe retention rates and customer cohorts
  • Sift through large customer data sets to identify strengths and weaknesses of a startup

Minimum Qualifications

  • 1–4+ years of experience working in crypto or tech as an engineer, designer, data scientist, product manager, researcher, or consultant.
  • Genuine intellectual curiosity, the ability to learn new facts and concepts quickly and comprehensively, then explain those facts & concepts to other people succinctly
  • Ability to synthesize complex information, form a sharp point of view, and communicate it in a relevant way to different audiences
  • Effective communications skills, both verbal and written
  • Excellent attention to detail and follow-through
  • Ability to juggle multiple items and work on tight deadlines
  • Desire and proven ability to learn new domains and technologies quickly
  • Energetic positive attitude
  • Deeply optimistic conviction about the future of crypto and the Internet

Stateless culture

  • We do only first class business and only in a first class way
  • We take a long view of relationships, because we are in the relationship business
  • We believe in the future and bet the firm that way
  • We are all different, we recognize that, and we win
  • We celebrate the good times
  • We do it for the team
  • We play to win

At Stateless we are always looking to hire the absolute best talent and recognize that diversity in our experiences and backgrounds is what makes us stronger.

Stateless Ventures focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Fin Tech, and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in United States. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at or find them on Twitter.