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$45k - $56k est.
New York City Metropolitan Area US

Why you should apply:

Superscrypt is a crypto-native fund founded by a team of entrepreneurs, investors & crypto degens. We are research-driven and focus on web3 infrastructure & technology and emerging use cases. Our goal is simple: to invest in & accelerate teams that drive web3 user adoption, create community value and promote decentralization. We are based in Singapore, New York and Boston, and looking for an outcome-driven Research & Investment Analyst to join our team. You will learn and work directly with the Partners and be part of a highly motivated and performing team.

This opportunity will provide you with one-of-a-kind access to the best thought leaders, founders and investors in the industry. By joining our team, you will be responsible for providing us deep insights, underpinned with data, into the most interesting topics in web3, with a thesis-driven team.

The ideal team member is passionate about blockchain technology (talking about it at family dinners, even when no one wants to hear it). You are quick to become an expert on new topics, constantly curious and eager to accelerate your learning and growth. Being technical is ideal but it’s also important to have a business-strategy mindset as well.


  • Discover, examine, identify and source early opportunities through deep research, analyzing data & trends and market mapping
  • Analyze on-chain data, market data and social media data. Build models and visualizations that provide intuitive analytics for understanding the market & providing data for decision-making
  • Stay on top of the latest investment activities in the industry and maintain up-to-date overview of state of the art projects and technologies
  • Regularly produce research reports in short-form or long-form for a variety of media platforms (internal discussions, external blogs, social media, etc) and tailored to specific audiences
  • Due diligence & evaluate investment opportunities through data-driven desk research, community conversations and your own research network with the goal of creating conclusive investment recommendations
  • Present your findings and strategic recommendations to the team and externally
  • Build and nurture relationships with ecosystem leaders and the crypto community
  • Assist in developing the Superscrypt brand, by attending in-person meetups and participating in online communities


  • Love research, constantly curious and can apply that practically to foreseeing trends in the market
  • Learn fast and are able to quickly grasp new technologies and market trends
  • Analytical and capable of producing accurate and data-driven outputs
  • Exceptional communication: with the team, when working remote, with external parties (e.g. with the web3 community) & when communicating complex topics
  • Excellent writing skills (short-form and long-form) and the ability to distill complex concepts & topics into well crafted narratives
  • Work well in a fast-paced and rapidly evolving industry
  • Uses web3 tools, technology and dapps
  • A healthy balance between technical and business background is ideal. An understanding of these areas would be helpful: smart contracts, cryptography, blockchain architecture, NFTs, or other verticals of interest within web3
  • Location: NYC or BOS (NYC preferred)
  • 2-3 years of experience, but fresh graduates with the relevant experience please apply
  • Bonus points for technical backgrounds and active crypto network or project contributions — you have a foundational understanding of smart contracts and blockchain architecture
  • To help with our shortlist, please submit an article written by you.