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Head of Product – CV ML bridge to physical

Veracity Protocol
$140k - $180k

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About Veracity Protocol

Veracity Protocol is a CV/ML-based web3 company bridging the physical with digital.

Our mission is to build "the protocol of trust to protect people and their assets in the digital world". We enable smartphone or industrial cameras to identify and authenticate physical objects based on their unique material structure only. This guarantees the highest level of data veracity, solves the critical blockchain oracle problem, and enables the entire Web3 infrastructure for physical objects.

Our team is distributed across NYC, Prague, Brno, Geneva, and Taipei. We've been recognized as one of the top innovative startups globally by Intel, Techstars, Plug & Play, Microsoft, and Starburst Aerospace. Our global customers repeatedly recognize us as the best solution in the market. We are engaged across industries from collectibles, art, luxury goods to pharma, automotive, semiconductors, and security print. 

Our code of culture is "ideas always win". The best ideas can come from anywhere. We have a collaborative culture where we discuss things openly, and everyone has a voice.

Where does our vision meet

Soon, both automation powered by deep learning and metaverse built on top of web 3.0 will proliferate through our society and touch almost every industry. With democratized 3D printing you will reverse the supply chain, and with VP you will tokenize and secure the authenticity of your creation. Your expensive digital wardrobe will come as a part of your physical one, where the VP will deliver proof-of-ownership. You will buy a game-worn collectible jersey on an NFT marketplace that has been tokenized by the player himself using VP. The DeFi escrow will be unlocked automatically once verified as authentic by your shipping company using VP. Meanwhile, somewhere far away an automotive component is manufactured, its digital twin securely linked by VP to a token allowing it to transact automatically as it goes through the complex supply chain. The expensive treatment pills you bought will prove its safety and just authenticity by taking a picture using your smartphone. 

Ultimately, VP will help people to recognize what is real and what is not in the fully automated and decentralized world. Unlocking web3 for physical objects means enabling them to be tokenized, owned, traded, insured, collateralized, fractionalized, authenticated, tracked, taken into the metaverse, and more -- all on top of any blockchain and owned by the user only.

Your role

As the Head of Product, you are a product management professional with a strategic mind, customer spokesman, team supervisor, and advocate of our products, and services. Your primary goal is to lead and facilitate the creation of products that deliver value to both customers and the business. You will lead industrialisation, and standardisation. You will be a member of the leadership team and report to the CEO. Ideally,

  • you have a B2B SaaS background with multi-product suite experience.
  • You have a strong understanding of a start-up in a scale-up, hyper-growth phase. You don't need a corporational setup to deliver. 
  • You are a team player comfortable with wearing Product Manager/Owner hats where needed and being deeply involved in the product to individual product development, and user stories creation as a voice of the customer.
  • While experienced enough to build the product management function, team, and practices as we grow.
  • You are passionate about AI, and keenly watching the growth of blockchain technology, and its DeFi, dApps, Web 3.0, and NFT applications.

Your responsibilities

Product vision & strategy

  • Defining, and executing a strong product vision 
  • Building, managing, and maintaining a transparent product roadmap, and aligning the team around it.
  • Prioritizing products, and features to build next while presenting a strong case why.
  • Defining, measuring, and reporting the key metrics, leading indicators, and qualitative data that will be the basis for product performance tracking, and data-driven decisions.
  • All product-related activities encompassing the entire product lifecycle --- from customer discovery, and user research to product innovation, development, design, and delivery.
  • Have a deep understanding of the product, overall market, and environment. Discovering critical insights.

Customer-centric approach - Having an intimate, and deep understanding of the customers', and partners' needs, problems, and desires. - Delivering products, and features that function, and delight customers while identifying proper positioning in the market. - Talking to customers regularly, and providing that connection to the rest of the company inc. setting up customer research, and feedback processes.

Co-creation with the team and key stakeholders  - Ensuring alignment around the overall strategy, and direction of the product. - Collaborating closely with founders and c-level executives to articulate a compelling value proposition, go-to-market strategy, and to collect market, and competitive intelligence. - Facilitating strong collaboration between product, engineering, operations, sales & marketing, and executives. - Reviewing, and getting feedback for team's work, troubleshoot to find solutions for challenges encountered - Ensuring effective delivery, and allocation of engineering efforts. - Collaborating with the team to refine feature ideas, and with the CTO to turn ideas into features.

About you

  • Provable senior product management experience as Head of Product, Senior Product Manager, or similar
  • Enterprise software/SaaS experience, ideally AI/deep-tech/infrastructure related.
  • Excellent leadership, and communication skills, executive presence with the  ability to persuasively present concepts. 
  • Experience with hyper-growth, and growth strategy in a rapidly changing environment, and cross-functional teams.
  • Structured, and strategic thinking.
  • Enthusiasm, resilience, hands-on, and autonomous approach
  • Strong knowledge, and understanding of new trends, and technology.
  • Ideally located in the US or EU and ready to work for a start-up remotely. 

We offer

  • US$ 140,000--180,000 starting annual remuneration under Independent Consultant Agreement
  • KPI-based performance bonus
  • Stock option plan
  • Working remotely from any region.
  • Freedom, flexibility, and unlimited holidays.

As part of our dedication to the diversity of our workforce, Veracity Protocol is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity without regard for race, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion.