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New York, NY, United States

$91k - $95k

$91k - $95k est.
United States New York US

Workfully is the decentralised hiring & upskilling marketplace. The world's fastest growing and most innovative companies use Workfully to hire & develop talent globally.
The Company
Our client is a platform where web3 developers compete on coding puzzles to earn prizes and on-chain credentials. Their mission is to enable more developers to enter web3, prove their creativity, and access rare opportunities.
We believe that one of the biggest drags on crypto’s growth is the friction and uncertainty that developers face in the transition from web2 to web3. We are introducing “solve-to-earn” to de-risk the time and energy investment required to learn and practice web3 development, thereby offering a real opportunity to enter the space to significantly more people. Solving challenges creates a transparent, verifiable track record of one’s skill and creativity, forming the first on-chain resume we have seen that contains real signal. We strongly believe that on-chain reputation will be one of the foundational layers of the crypto economy, and that the resume is where it all starts.
The Role
You will be the go-to person in managing our client's most important asset - the devs on the their platform. Listening and attending to the needs of both aspiring and expert web3 devs is one of the core Company principles. This role is a fit for an ex-Software Engineer with solid technical understanding of computer engineering as well as a passion to communicate and grow businesses. We are looking for highly driven individuals who can wear multiple hats when needed.
Essential Requirements-

  • Engineering background with demonstrated experience as community contributor, manager, and/or owner
  • Competent at communicating technically complicated topics simply and gracefully
  • Passion for learning, teaching, and meeting new people online and in person Nice-to-haves-
  • Comfortable and skilled in presenting to different types of audiences
  • Experience in crypto
  • Experience with remote work at startups-
  • Bachelors or advanced degree in Computer Science or related subject