Zama is hiring a
Web3 DevOps Engineer

Compensation: $63k - $90k *

Location: Paris, France

Job Description

As part of Zama’s vision to infuse privacy into web3, we have launched our fhEVM solution for encrypted smart contracts 🚀. This revolutionary framework has enabled keeping and computing directly on encrypted data in blockchains. To move further towards our vision, we are looking for blockchain engineers who are passionate about building confidential blockchains as well as designing and implementing the next generation of confidential smart contracts 🔒.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with a team of esteemed cryptographers, blockchain experts, and software engineers, you'll play a pivotal role in designing, fine-tuning, and ensuring the sustained excellence of Zama’s homomorphic blockchain solution.

We are looking for a skilled DevOps Engineer to lead the deployment of Zama cryptographic threshold protocols ensuring the highest levels of security.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design, deploy, run and maintain the infrastructure for Zama’s threshold protocol in production.

  • Develop and automate CI/CD pipelines, ensuring efficient testing, deployment, and rollbacks.

  • Monitor system performance and scalability, identifying bottlenecks and implementing optimizations as needed.

  • Develop and maintain backup and disaster recovery plans.

  • Help support Zama clients and partners.

  • Collaborate with engineers and cryptographers to ensure the smooth integration of our solutions.

Apply Now:

Compensation: $63k - $90k *

Location: Paris, France

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