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Who is ASM?

Altered State Machine (ASM) are creating the world’s first protocol for decentralised and democratised Artificial Intelligence, owned and traded using NFTs, and interoperable across the Metaverse. Our protocol enables anyone to own AI, and the machine learning models that define what it learns over time. These are paired with artwork in the form of NFT's to create non-player agents.

We're creating a world where everyone can own, understand, trust and benefit from their AI. Join us in building the #OpenMetaverse. Help to push the boundaries of future innovation.

ASM are embarking on a period of rapid growth. Through this period it will be critical to continually optimise the flow of value to customers within a complex and evolving technology ecosystem.

ASM are looking for a VP of Delivery Ops & Value Stream Architect to help structure software value streams within ASM which accelerate the flow of business value to customers. This person will have a deep knowledge of Agile, Lean and DevOps principles and practices with a passion for empirical improvement. They will take a holistic view of each value stream from product inception to customer delivery. The Value Stream Architect will play a critical role in delivering desired business outcomes at ASM by establishing feedback loops for continuous improvement.

An essential element of this role is to identify, quantify and resolve contention across the portfolio of delivery and if necessary to present trade offs and options to the ASM executive team for decisions.

The scope of the role is to facilitate optimal flow from concept (of any work) to backlog and from backlog to completed customer delivery.

Enabling a 360-degree View of the Process

The VP of Delivery Ops & Value Stream Architect is the influencer and optimiser who works closely with stakeholders, Product Owners and teams to ensure that the practice is in place for our Product team to ensure final product aligns with business goals and delivers tangible value. Value Stream Architects design the feedback mechanisms that enable a 360-degree view of the entire software development process to:

  • Promote the concept of flow throughout the organisation
  • Provide business-level visibility into the flow of value being delivered
  • Add continuous improvement ideas and coach others to see and execute improvements
  • Drive higher level decisions about platforms and tooling to support flow
  • Identify bottlenecks and present options to resolve contention
  • Assist in closing knowledge or skills gap within teams
  • Illuminate when value streams are working on diminishing value and to identify opportunities to refocus a value stream
  • Suggest where work is best suited within the team topology. Including identification of new value streams or where enabling or specialist teams should be formed

Reporting to the Chief Tech & Product Officer the Delivery Ops & Value Stream Architect role helps identify end to end delivery value streams within the organisations and helps teams and value streams visualise the flow of all work (features, defects, risks and debt). From here improvement opportunities can be identified to improve the flow of business value.

At the same time the VP of Delivery Ops & Value Stream Architect will coach others in the organisation to:
  • Help guide architectural tooling decisions
  • Bring together teams across the delivery value streams who previously have not worked collaboratively to review the concept of their end to end flow
  • Help teams of Architects with their own delivery value streams

  • Must have experience working in a large scale tech company, with experience working in technical and organisational streams
  • Must have deep experience with Jira/Atlassian
  • Ideally we are looking for someone to be LA, or New Zealand based
  • You would have read recent literature around organisational architecture value stream


We're a great place to work at
  • Experienced and wickedly talented team and growing
  • Venture funded by a consortium of leading crypto investors… and more every day
  • Plenty of opportunity
  • Real work-life balance

We can offer
  • Great variety (no two days are the same)
  • Exciting international projects
  • Engaging with global AAA gaming companies, game platforms and investors
  • The right salary
  • Flexibility with WFH options - We're a remote first company
  • The chance to be part of the next generation of the internet… the decentralised Metaverse

We’re looking for people to help us build the future of AI and gaming in Web3. If the above sounds like you and the idea of new technologies, gaming and the Metaverse excites you, we’d love to chat.

“Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets” – W. Edwards Deming