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Core Systems Developer

$85k - $115k est.

This job is closed

We are Auros!

A high-frequency trading firm operating in the global cryptocurrency market. We have offices based in New York and Hong Kong, we are a 24/7/365 business, trading digital assets across 10+ locations around the globe driven by a team of world-class talent that spans 5 continents. We are one of the largest participants in the market, trading a significant share of global market turnover. We combine a systematic approach with our sophisticated pricing models and state-of-the-art execution capabilities, iterating regularly to ensure we have robust, reliable trading performance.

Summary of Position:

This is an opportunity to develop trading systems for crypto currencies in the rapidly evolving class of digital assets. You will work with our traders and other experienced developers on our core systems that are critical to trading.

This position will have a particular focus on our real-time automated inventory management system, which is predominantly written in python, along with other core systems (including our core User Interface). These systems generally deal with large amounts of data across Cefi and Defi platforms in real time, presenting some interesting technical challenges for you to work on.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Develop and support our automated inventory management system in python
  • Develop and support trading system UI features in C#
  • Develop and support trading core systems in python as needed
  • Work with traders, middle office and other stakeholders to understand the core problems that each of the teams is facing, in both Cefi and Defi environments.
  • Identify opportunities for system improvements
  • Be responsible for troubleshooting system issues as and when they occur
  • Engage with the team during system design discussions, code reviews, trading idea brainstorms and daily office banter.

Position Requirements:

  • A software engineer with 5+ years experience in developing clean, maintainable and performant code.
  • You have 3+ years experience developing in python and C#
  • Good programming skills, with a strong understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • You can find the balance between delivering clean, testable, reliable code and rapidly deploying new system features to take advantage of market opportunities
  • You are reliable, take pride in delivering robust software and are willing to be on call to support the systems you develop
  • You’re able to precisely articulate software concepts and designs
  • You have a Bachelor's degree (or above) in Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar, with excellent results.

Additional desirable skills that you may have:

  • A strong interest in decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies, and solving complicated puzzles that can arise in this line of business
  • Experience developing in C++