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$84k - $90k est.
TX Austin US

We are looking for a Head of Business Development to join a diverse team working in the blockchain space. The role is fully remote with complete autonomy; therefore, we are looking for someone with a lot of drive who is comfortable communicating with major organisations and is up to date on industry trends. The ideal candidate will have experience in business development and ecosystem management and will be well-versed in the blockchain.

The successful candidate will be working on a layer-2 Solana-based solution that allows users to create high-throughput modular rollups, enabling them to deploy their own individual apps. When using this infrastructure, any application can spin out as its own blockchain without increasing its security risk.

Your role as Head of Business Development

Our full-time Head of Business Development will spearhead our go-to-market, develop novel strategies, and build partnerships with major organizations. You will be responsible for driving the company’s business development efforts and finding new opportunities for growth. You will also work closely with the CEO to develop, shape, and execute the company’s business strategy.

· Lead the company’s business development efforts and identify new opportunities for growth.

· Develop and maintain relationships with key partnerships and stakeholders in the crypto industry.

· Assist in the creation and execution of the company’s business plan and strategy.

· Collaborate with the leadership team to identify and prioritize new business opportunities.

· Negotiate and close deals with partners and clients.

· Understand and stay up to date on industry trends and developments

As Head of Business Development, you should bring

· 5+ years of ecosystem / BD experience, ideally management experience

· Strong relationships with large web2 and web3 organizations with previous examples of partnerships built.

· Web2 partnerships might look like prior connections to corporate venture arms or strategy teams for PayPal, Visa, Disney, etc.

· Web3 partnerships could involve connections to ecosystem funds or core development teams at Layer 1 protocols which we can use for data availability.

· Web3 partnerships could also be connections to big Solana projects or teams who have not decided where to build.

· Proven track record of closing deals and driving revenue growth.

· Previous experience doing ecosystem for a crypto project.

· Excellent communication and negotiation skills

· Entrepreneurial mindset and ability to think strategically.

If you're interested in the Head of Business Development role, then please reach out to Poppy or Kai for More information.