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Product manager with extensive DApp development experience

$60k - $120k

This job is closed

Bunzz is a Smart Contract as a Service in the Web3 space.
With its library of smart contract modules, developing a DApp is easier than any other service.

And we plan to implement tokenomics, where incentives will be distributed to module developers. This groundbreaking feature has the potential to attract countless valuable smart contracts to Bunzz and grow it into a Github-like service in the Web3 space.

And we're looking for a Product Manager.
The requirements are as follows

  1. Experience working on at least 5 DApp developments
  2. At least 3 years of engineering experience
  3. Must be able to write solidity
  4. Must be able to speak English
  5. Any race, gender, and region of residence is acceptable.

Bunzz team is waiting for your application.