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$63k - $120k est.
San Francisco Bay Area US

This is an early stage co-founding role, candidate must have financial stability until project is fully funded. Role suitable for experienced candidate with successful exit in the fintech space. There is no initial salary, salary commences upon funding. POC is already under development after 12 months of model being vetted.

The world of finance is rapidly changing and we are at the forefront of creating the world’s first Venture Capital Currency earned by tokenized startups. We are looking to transition our interim CTO to a new role within the startup creating an opportunity for a candidate to fill the CTO role. The candidate is required to take on the following responsibilities:

As CTO, you will lead and directly oversee a team of Software Development Managers, Technical Program Managers, Security Engineers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists AI Engineers, and the Development Operations team. Team will report to the CTO and meet the specifications agreed to.

Our ideal founder-centric candidate will be an established startup founder preferably VC backed (nice to have a successful exit) with a background in the development of scalable technical products with experience in B2B, DeFi, Tokenization, Staking Pools, Fintech, Digital Payments, Venture Capital and or Services platforms. You will have knowledge of Ethereum frameworks such as Truffle, Embark, Populus or as required. You will have excellent project management skills and be motivated to achieve results in a competitive environment. You will add value to the process by understanding the needs of the business and translate them into best of class technology solutions to meet the needs of our Investor / Founder community.

You will have the opportunity to oversee the development of an early stage product, with the responsibility to direct the end to end roadmap of a revolutionary decentralized venture capital currency designed to allow startups to self fund their startups by earning CTN using our VPI smart contract protocol

You will oversee a team of software engineers that includes UX/UI designers, frontend and backend developers, smart contract, database developers to drive our pioneering Defi innovation technology by applying machine learning, artificial intelligence, algorithmic intelligence, big data, KPI metrics and predictive models to deliver results at scale for our clients.

Candidate needs to have the flexibility to move to Dubai and make an initial investment into the project.


Serve as strategy driver for the company in tandem with the CEO/Founder Oversee an initial group of developers including Backend and Frontend developers, Database developers, Data Engineers and UX Design test strategies and create appropriate test harnesses, data, and tools that increase the speed of sprint cycles and allow for constant high quality results. Build and scale a technology department quickly. Work with AI developers to integrate AI features into the app.

Work with business and development teams to understand and influence product vision and requirements. Understand how all elements of the software lifecycle work together and develop quality engineering approaches that fit the overall architecture. Design test strategies and create appropriate test harnesses, data, and tools that increase the speed of sprint cycles and allow for constant high quality results Oversee the development and execution of test plans; establish and monitor reporting on test execution.

Develop technical aspects of company strategy to ensure alignment with the business goals. Develop the long-term strategy for your programs and translate that into an achievable road map/action plan management and execution against project plans and delivery commitments. Management of departmental resources, staffing, mentoring, and enhancing and maintaining a best-in-class engineering team. Cultivate sense of customer empathy to continue building an exceptional product.