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Founding Engineer

$150k - $200k

This job is closed

We’re looking for our founding engineers to help us build the future of work for independent creators. An ideal candidate loves technical challenges, cares about building polished products, and is excited about our mission to support independent creators.

To learn more about us, check out Join Formfunction.

👩‍💻 Responsibilities

  • Build Formfunction from the ground up. We’re still in the early stages, which means you’ll have a massive amount of ownership and opportunity to help us build the entire product. You’ll work closely with the founders to define and ship fundamental features (e.g. support for collections of NFTs, social + community features, etc.)
  • Be an owner. You’ll take ownership of your code, and can be relied upon throughout its lifecycle.
  • Team building. You’ll help us grow the company! This ranges from interviewing/recruiting to fostering a collaborative and creative company culture.

💻 About you

  • You are autonomous and a fast learner. You are proactive and can start projects without much direction.
  • You put a lot of thought into building delightful user experiences.
  • You communicate your thoughts and decisions clearly and proactively, and engage with the rest of the team with an optimistic and critical mindset.
  • You are excited about crypto, web3, and NFTs!

Bonus points:

  • Crypto experience (especially experience with Solana)
  • You own some NFTs of your own 😉 (don’t worry, we’ll give you one if you don’t!)

📚 Our Stack

We have a modern stack that's fun to build on and deploy!

  • Backend
    • Amazon RDS for DB
    • Express for our webserver
    • Hasura for GraphQL, database management, and more
    • Prisma for DB reads/writes
  • Frontend
    • React + Relay
    • Cloudflare pages for deployment
  • Mobile
    • React Native
  • TypeScript everything!

💎 Qualities we value

  • Grit. Startups require adaptability and perseverance.
  • Long-term focus. We’re building a company for the next 10+ years, and we want our teams’ decision making to reflect that perspective.
  • Sense of urgency. Without trading off focus on long-term objectives, we get results quickly and are driven by intrinsic motivation, not external incentives.
  • Integrity. Our integrity shows in the way we make decisions and communicate with each other.