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Fullstack Developer Ninja 🥷 Who Loves Games

Internet Game
$90k - $130k

This job is closed

We're looking for a fullstack developer ninja to join our team of 18 at Internet Game.

You’ll be working with a team of 3 other fullstack developers to build out our web platform for playing a library of Unity games using WebGL. You’ll work across the stack, but with more of a focus on the frontend.

Our Code Stack:

  • React/NextJS + Tailwind
  • gRPC + Redis + Mongo
  • GoLang (any equivalent language knowledge would suffice)

This describes you:

  • You have a great eye for design, UX and seeing pixels out of place
  • You're the best at what you do, and have strong ideas of the best way to build things
  • You're detail oriented & hyper-organized, but you move quickly
  • You actively seek to upgrade your skills and learn new things
  • You're excited about building something awesome with a highly-skilled yet super playful team

 What is Internet Game?


Internet Game is inspired by innovative projects that combined social apps with gaming, like Pokemon Go and HQ Trivia. We take the highly social aspects of AAA games like Fortnite and apply them to casual games that anyone can play.

We launched as an experiment back in March 2022. 8000 players battled through 5 mini-games across 5 days, elimination-style (inspired by Squid Game). Those still in at the end won huge prizes.

Since then, we've raised $7M and expanded our fully-remote team to 18 people.

Now we're building out our platform to allow anyone to play our ever-growing library of mini-games.

Our mission is to create new ways for the world to play together.

Interested? We'd love to have you on board.


More Details

  • Fully remote position
  • Unlimited time off & no set working hours — we hire people who love what they do, and trust you to manage your own time
  • We only have departments meetings on Mondays. Otherwise meetings are only set as needed
  • All positions are given a competitive salary, as well as an equity stake in the company. We believe the best results come from a team that truly owns what they’re building.