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$13k - $18k est.
United States US

Hey There,

Looking for an Experienced Community Manager for my NFT project.
It's a Blockchain Lottery - the mechanism of the lottery is deployed via a smart contract on the blockchain to give everyone the ability to review the transparency and fairness of the lottery.
The winning numbers are chosen by random blockchain transactions by the algorithm.

We are opening the doors of our community on Discord, and looking for an experienced community manager with previous experience in managing other NFT projects.

The work is 100% remote and we consider people from any country for this position.
What matters here is experience.

You must be polite.

Have a serviceable attitude to the role - The priority is attending the needs of our community members especially those who hold our NFTs.

Patience is required - it can be difficult at times to manage all those requests, we do intend to add more staff in the near future.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best Regards,

Christopher J. Bowden