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NY New York US

Company Overview:

Masterworks is the only platform for investing in blue-chip, multi-million dollar artworks. “Contemporary art” (post-WWII) has outperformed the S&P by 164% since 1995. The company focuses on creating investability in segments of the art market that have traditionally been difficult to access for most investors. Prior to Masterworks, the only way to allocate to physical art was to purchase a multi-million dollar painting. Access to high-quality digital art also presents similar problems to investors via high price points, marketplace navigation and knowledge of the assets. Masterworks provides investor solutions to over 400,000 members who are signed-up and purchasing shares in primary offerings and trading shares in a secondary market.

Position Overview:

We are seeking a full-time Research and Operations Analyst to join the Masterworks team. A successful candidate will have a thorough knowledge of NFT marketplaces and products, the universe of NFT creators and types of buyers / investors of NFTs. This person should be passionate about NFTs and have a detailed understanding of how NFT market movements, technologies and communities can be used to identify investment opportunities in the space. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who thrive in a dynamic, team-based environment with the initiative to work independently. The role would be one of the first key hires in our effort to build out NFT investment products.

Responsibilities Overview:

  • Function as Masterworks’ in-house expert on NFTs
  • Identify service providers that help institutionalize NFT investing: fiat-to-crypto onramp, custody, wallets (holding crypto), reporting, pricing (mark to market), insurance etc.
  • Lead transaction diligence on NFT works and creators, specifically in the fine art and digital photography space
  • Develop market-leading expertise on the NFT ecosystem by helping to identify attractive areas of investment in the market
  • Keep up to date with market movements, NFT content creators and the buyer / investor participation in the NFT space

Requirements and Preferred Experience:

  • 3 - 5 years of experience with NFTs, crypto and / or blockchain technologies
  • Familiarity with the NFT community specifically, including a knowledge of successful projects in the industry
  • Interest in creating a disruptive and revolutionary platform for the art space and creator ecosystem as a whole
  • Previous experience in a startup environment is a plus

Measurements of Success in First 90 Days:

  • Provide the senior management team with investment analysis on the current NFT landscape
  • Identify actionable NFT opportunities for investment, backed by qualitative and quantitative evidence

Additional Requirements:

  • Must be able to work in the office in the NYC area.
  • Must be eligible to work in the US - no exceptions.