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Material10 is an international game studio and publisher with a vision to build the future of massively multiplayer games, leveraging cutting edge technology and creating truly open virtual economies.

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VFX Artist

$58k - $65k est.

This job is closed

We are a Blockchain Gaming Studio with industry leaders and experts from top companies in gaming, tech, and the blockchain space including EA, Trion Worlds, Bungie, Microsoft, Rockstar, Disney, Amazon, Enjin, OlympusDAO, SuperFarm and more. We are venture capital-backed with leading investors across Europe, Asia and North America building a truly enjoyable game experience integrated with blockchain tech including fungible and non fungible tokens designing a sustainable open economy for gamers.

We are currently building a unique MMORPG 3PS game with unique RTS mechanics and are looking for a VFX Artist to help build our game. You should be comfortable solving complex problems and building components of a game platform. This role pays highly competitively with various benefits and a token/equity share for employees, we are open to potential full-time or part-time roles.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply via the portal or reach out at [email protected] with your CV and portfolio.