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Senior Business Development Executive
$95k - $120k

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Job Title: Senior Business Development Manager

Location: Anywhere in the world (Fully Remote)

We've successfully secured our second investment round, backed by industry-leading VCs, propelling our vision to be at the forefront of the Web3 economy. If you're not just adept at technical B2B sales but also have an instinct for product-centric business development in a rapidly evolving Web3 landscape, then you're exactly who we're looking for!

What is is a VC-backed Web3 startup that uses Artificial Intelligence to value digital assets (NFTs), enabling NFT Finance, treasury + fund management, and transparent accounting/auditing for Web3.

As digital assets are becoming standardized property records with smart contract functionality, we are fulfilling the fundamental need for a trusted, layer-3 valuation engine for NFTs, covering digital art, gaming, metaverse, IP, real-world assets, and more.

The Team

We are an experienced dynamic, ambitious and results-driven team looking for a like-minded individual to join Timur, a serial entrepreneur having exited 2 startups, Ricardo multi-CTO having been in banking for 13 years leading the exotic asset divisions of banks, and Diederik is a data scientist and astrophysicist with 15+ years of experience developing quantitative models and extracting information from noisy data sets.

We are based in London, UK, but we operate in a fully remote culture distributed all around the world. Its a dynamic environment that requires grit, flexibility, and proactivity and in which you have the opportunity to learn a lot about building a successful business as well as gaining deep technical product knowledge in Web3.

Who are we looking for?

We're on the hunt for a Business Development Executive who doesn't just manage, but actively dives into the intricacies of our business. Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit deeply fascinated by the Web3 realm. At Nabu, your mission will extend beyond just acquiring new businesses; it's about understanding product-market fit across different verticals, nurturing our existing relationships, and scaling our vision. An ideal candidate would not only be proficient in blockchain technology and its evolving trends but would also possess an innate ability to translate these insights into value propositions for both prospective clients and our internal teams.

Areas of Ownership & Key Responsibilities:

Business Development & Strategy Implementation:

Upon joining, you'll helm our Business Development function. This role goes beyond traditional sales: you'll craft and refine our strategies, ensuring alignment with market demands and product capabilities. Key areas include:

  • Revenue Enhancement: Lead the entire sales lifecycle, from initial outreach to finalizing contracts. Identify and engage potential clients, showcase our product benefits, and consistently hit or surpass revenue targets.
  • Client Relationship Cultivation: Establish and nurture relationships with clients, understanding their specific needs and foreseeing future requirements. Position yourself as a trusted partner, always prioritizing client satisfaction.
  • Product & Market Mastery: Deeply understand Nabu's offerings and their competitive landscape. Stay informed about industry developments, ensuring you can aptly highlight our product's advantages in relation to evolving market demands.
  • Sales Process & Analysis: Employ CRM tools to oversee sales activities, maintain detailed records, and derive actionable insights. Keep a pulse on the sales funnel, spotting potential areas of improvement and optimizing accordingly.
  • Product Advocacy: Guide potential clients in visualizing how Nabu's solutions align with their specific needs, translating these scenarios into tangible product features.
  • Inter-team Collaboration: Engage actively with the Engineering, Data Science, and Design teams. Your on-ground insights will be vital in shaping our product and overall business direction.

 Preferred Qualifications

  • A minimum of 3 years' experience in enterprise software sales, preferably within a dynamic startup environment.
  • At least 2 years of familiarity with financial services and DeFi.
  • A track record of capturing significant market share, supported by quantifiable outcomes.
  • An enthusiasm for digital assets, decentralized finance, and the broader world of cryptocurrencies.
  • A BA/BS degree.
  • A proactive, data-oriented work ethic.
  • An ability to thrive autonomously and in collaborative settings.
  • A dedication to deeply understanding and addressing customer priorities.
  • Strong communication abilities, both written and spoken.
  • Proficiency with tools like Hubspot and other sales facilitation platforms.

  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • ESOP (Employee Stock Option)
  • Remote-first work environment
  • Opportunities for growth and advancement within the company
If you're passionate about pioneering technologies, have a knack for product-focused business development, and a proven history of hands-on achievements beyond just sales, you might be the perfect addition to our next transformative chapter. We're eager to hear from you!