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Research Analyst

North Island Ventures
$32k - $49k est.

This job is closed

North Island Ventures is seeking a Research Analyst to join its investments team. The Analyst’s primary responsibilities will include:

  • Research emerging trends in the crypto industry
  • Performing data-driven due diligence for potential investments in publicly traded crypto assets
  • Tracking market and usage metrics for publicly traded cryptoassets

The essence of the role is to live at the bleeding edge of crypto. The Analyst must have the capacity to analyze the use case, traction, market opportunity, cryptoeconomics, narrative, and governance of publicly traded cryptoassets. He or she must then be able to translate these learnings into actionable insights.

There will be an emphasis on the ability to collect, synthesize, and present data. Basic technical and statistical skills are required. The Analyst will regularly create reports on specific investment opportunities and new trends, and must be able to produce clear and concise written and quantitative reports quickly.

We work as a cohesive team and expect everybody at NIV to think like an owner, not an agent. While the first few months will involve hands-on training, the Analyst must be a self-starter and independent thinker who can operate with minimal supervision.


  • Excellent financial analysis and writing skills, with strong attention to detail and high personal standards for your own work product
  • Demonstrated interest in and passion for crypto. If you cannot describe what Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DeFi are, then this role is not a fit. Ideally, you are completely obsessed with crypto
  • Deep curiosity, strong opinions, and intellectual flexibility. If you do not hold strong opinions and almost always agree with the consensus, then this role is not for you
  • Technical and quantitative competence involving data querying, analysis, and visualization with Python, R, SQL, Tableau, or related. Experience data mining on highly complex data sets and performing statistical analysis is a plus, but not required
  • Minimum of 2 years of full-time work experience. No background requirements per se, but ideally you have worked in a professional environment where your work product and conduct have been held to a high standard
  • No unchecked egos. At NIV, we all work towards the collective success of the firm, and do not aim for individual recognition. People who care more about building their personal brands than contributing to building a world-class team need not apply.
  • Must live or be willing to relocate to NYC. We will be working from the office at least four days per week.

If you do not meet these requirements, please do not apply. If you believe you do, please include a very short note / send a message along with your application describing your experience and skillset, with particular attention to your level of interest in crypto.

  • Starting salary of $150k with above-market benefits