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Senior Smart Contract Engineer

$84k - $150k est.

This job is closed

About Showtime

Our goal is to onboard billions of people into NFTs. Not only do we believe creators should make a living online, but that anyone participating in social networks deserve of share of the value created. At its core, NFTs solve this: value can flawlessly move anywhere. To get there, we are first building a new social network focused on making NFTs appealing to the end user. Long term, we want Showtime to be creator-owned, decentralized social media protocol. This will let any developer build millions of social networks on top of a global, open social graph.

Our current product ( lets users discover and show off their digital art. Our long-term vision is to build the social media protocol of the internet, letting any developer build on top of an open social graph.

Each piece of content on Showtime is a NFT. It allows for new ways to monetize content, from NFT sales, royalties, creator tokens and DeFi. The key innovation brought by NFTs is that creators own their content, and thus can sell them them to fans, collectors or advertisers. This is the one of the first crypto primitive we want to introduce to a mainstream audience. This industry is early, and we think that we can build the missing piece on top of the NFT standard that will reach mainstream audiences.

A crucial part of this company will be to build on top of the NFT standard to innovate on how value flows between creators, curators and their fans. Later on, as the company becomes increasingly decentralized, you will be responsible and pivotal in developing our open social graph protocol.

We are a highly technical team of 5 taking on this world-changing opportunity, hiring across all engineering roles. We think this can be the most challenging and rewarding role of your career.

Showtime welcomes all qualified persons to apply regardless of race, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

Compensation and equity will be competitive and commensurate with experience. This is a full-time role that includes health insurance, unlimited PTO, work from home setup and travel benefits.