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Technical Branding CoFounder Social Media Platm Blockchain

Stealth Startup
$54k - $100k est.

This job is closed

Our product empowers creators to showcase all varieties of content, engage with their audiences and grow their communities with them. It is a one-stop-shop gamified social ecosystem and content marketplace featuring powerful content originality and brand loyalty verification system.

The Opportunity

The team is at the post conceptualization stage of creating the next generation digital ecosystem that empowers individuals, teams and causes to become brands.

Our product vision centers around community building, authentic engagement and original content rather than numbers. Our mission is onboard the next generation of creators through superior user experience, transparency and equitable revenue sharing.

Who I'm Looking For

The strategy is to form a distributed global team of leaders who are strong strategists and relentless executors, capable of forming cost-effective teams that are aligned with our team philosophy and inspiring them to be productive and happy team players.

I am looking for a founding team with experience in Development, Product and Marketing. Also looking for creators and influencers who are deeply embedded in the industry and are strong advocates for change. Sign up here to get updates if this is you.

Success looks like:

  • Our leadership team is notably more effective, meeting 80% of weekly commitments to remove obstacles for the team and keep velocity high, communicating strategy and changes effectively and rapidly, and focusing time on the highest leverage issues.
  • Our team operating system enables extremely high organizational and personal effectiveness, with a 90%+ score on monthly pulse checks. You’ve designed and optimized our workflows in our core tools (Notion, Discord, Slack, Zoom), refined our OKR & strategic planning process, and generally made information flow effectively. Teammates feel they can show up and do great work, with our systems making collaboration simple.
  • Special projects are executed with extremely high impact - regularly exceeding project goals. You take full ownership and show great judgement, learning rapidly and seeking help appropriately. You take on growth initiatives, events, organizational tensions, data projects, or whatever else is needed.
  • You’ve amplified our team leadership. You partner effectively with operations, community, growth, product and engineering leaders to make sure critical work gets well-planned, executed to maximum impact, and reinforces our mission, vision, strategy and values. You model our culture and are prepared to step into leadership of a functional area in the future, for the company or ecosystem.

Success is likely if you:

  • Have 4+ years of exceptional performance in fast-changing environments, including consulting and startups. This role can scale up for candidates with 7+ years experience.
  • Learn rapidly. You are willing to jump into ambiguous situations and new domains and can quickly get comfortable and acquire the knowledge, skills and network you need.
  • Show exceptional communication, collaboration, and stakeholder management skills. You influence from the middle by earning others’ trust, manage up and out extremely well, and model intentionality in how you gather information and manage stakeholders.
  • Are an extremely rigorous thinker. You break down new, complex problems in new domains rapidly. You can put structure to anything. You have strong analytical and quantitative skills - you don’t need to be a finance whiz, but you should be comfortable creating basic models or data dashboards.
  • Are not only highly organized, but obsessed with workflows, productivity, organization, and team collaboration. You get pleasure out of structuring, iterating and optimizing how you and others work. You are detail-oriented and will make sure everything operates smoothly. You strive for simplicity as the pinnacle of elegance.
  • Have an extremely high quality bar while still moving fast, earning trust through extremely consistent delivery. You know when something needs to be pushed to better heights and when “good enough” is. You don’t let anything drop. You are quick to ask for help when it’s needed. You consistently help internal leaders and external partners to great outcomes.
  • Understand technology development (engineering, product workflows, etc.) enough to collaborate effectively with engineering leads, Web 3 enough to keep up with rapid changes in our developer product, market, and ecosystem, and growth enough to help coordinate projects and strategies across partnerships, marketing, community and support.

Our Values

  1. Care: We work with passionate teammates committed to a shared purpose and support each other to work better and live well.
  2. Act with intention: We are thoughtful doers whoput as much intowhyandhowwe do something aswhatwe do.
  3. Go further, together: Our mission is too big for us alone. We cultivate trust, ask for help, and build momentum together.
  4. Drive incredible impact: We aim for massive impact and we deliver.