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We are seeking a Senior Web3 Developer with extensive experience in blockchain technology, particularly in Web3 development, and a strong background in game development. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record in blockchain development and a passion for working with emerging technologies. As a Senior Web3 Developer, you will be responsible for building and maintaining decentralised applications (dApps/games) and smart contracts, contributing to the development of blockchain-based games, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions..

What will make you a good fit:

  • Is a web3 native with previous contributions to open-source blockchain projects or active involvement in the blockchain community.
  • Proven experience in game development, specially web-based games and blockchain-based games. 
  • Experience with JavaScript and HTML5 game engines (Phaser, PlayCanvas…)
  • Proven experience in blockchain development, creating smart contracts and its integration.
  • Experience in Web3 development, with a strong understanding of blockchain fundamentals and protocols (Ethereum L1/L2, Solidity, IPFS, etc.) also with other blockchain platforms such as  Ethereum (L1/L2), Solana, ZKSync
  • Years of hands-on experience with JavaScript, including frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue.js.
  • Is a lifelong learner and constantly looking to upskill, upgrade and improve.
  • Passion for learning and staying updated with emerging technologies and industry trends.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot complex technical issues independently.

What success looks like:

  • Successfully integrate blockchain technology into the game's architecture to ensure a smooth gaming experience. 
  • Proficiency in writing, testing, and deploying smart contracts on blockchain platforms, ensuring they are secure, efficient, and meet project requirements. 
  • Integrate smart contracts seamlessly into the game's architecture, enabling blockchain-based functionalities such as asset ownership, in-game economies, and player interactions. 
  • Implement robust security measures to protect smart contracts from vulnerabilities, exploits, and attacks, ensuring the safety of player assets and transactions.
  • Ensure compatibility and interoperability of smart contracts with various blockchain platforms and protocols, enabling cross-platform interactions and scalability.
  • Optimise game performance to minimise latency and provide players with a responsive and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Stay updated with the latest developments in blockchain technology, including updates to smart contract languages, platforms, and best practices, to maintain expertise and drive innovation. 
  • Collaborate closely with game developers, designers, and other stakeholders to understand project requirements, address challenges, and deliver high-quality blockchain solutions that enhance the gaming experience.
  • Opportunities to level up by taking on new challenges


  • Smart Contract Development
    • Write, test, and deploy smart contracts on blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, ensuring they meet project requirements and adhere to best practices in smart contract development, including gas optimization
  • Game Development: 
    • Create the game's core mechanics, levels, characters, and UI/UX elements. 
    • Ensure smooth gameplay and engaging player experiences. 
  • Blockchain Integration
    • Integrate smart contracts into the game's architecture to enable blockchain-based functionalities, such as asset ownership, in-game economies, and player interactions. 
  • Security Implementation: 
    • Implement robust security measures within smart contracts to protect against vulnerabilities, exploits, and attacks, ensuring the safety and integrity of player assets and transactions. 
  • Performance Optimization
    • Optimize game performance for web-based environments, addressing factors such as rendering speed, network latency, and resource management to ensure smooth gameplay experiences.
  • Continuous Testing and Monitoring
    • Conduct thorough testing of smart contracts to identify and address any bugs or issues, and continuously monitor contract performance and security to maintain reliability and trustworthiness. 
    • Test the game and smart contract interactions for bugs and performance issues. 
    • Optimize performance for smooth gameplay and efficient blockchain interactions. 
  • Documentation and Compliance: Document smart contract code, functionality, and interactions to facilitate understanding and future maintenance, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards. 


  • 2 years of experience on game development, specially for web-based games and blockchain-based games
  • 1 years of experience on web3 development/integration
  • Years of hands-on experience with JavaScript, including frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue.js.
  • Experience working remotely and ability to manage time effectively across different time zones (GMT +3 to GMT +11).
  • Familiarity with cryptographic principles and secure coding practices in the context of blockchain development.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate effectively in a remote, cross-functional team environment.


  • Competitive remuneration
  • Employee stock option
  • Flexible hours and remote work
  • Annual retreat

Application Process:

If you meet the above requirements, please submit your resume, along with github links