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Community Manager Web3

$15k - $30k

This job is closed

Weavechain, a Web3 software company that brings blockchain technology to enterprise big data is looking for a community manager to be part of expanding our presence in the Web3 space. You will be the voice of Weavechain to the outside world and represent our community’s voice to our team. If you are fluent in blockchain technology, organized, and eager to inspire community and attract customers, we look forward to receiving your application. This is a contract position with the potential to grow to a full time role.

What you’ll be doing

Designing and scaling social media and community channels (Twitter, Discord, etc)

  • Design and manage content strategy based on accurate information and relevancy to trending and/or timeless topics in the Enterprise Web3 space
  • Invite & ensure smooth onboarding for new community members
  • Moderate, listen to, and engage with community members, helping them with any support we can provide and instilling a sense of shared mission
  • Create a sense of authenticity to promote trust & transparency in our spaces
  • Create a sense of collaborative spirit to encourage crowdsourced initiatives
  • Encourage engagement, including discussions, sharing, commenting, backlinking, incentives for top contributors, and propose creative new initiatives
  • Monitor & report on community health & propose solutions to address issues
  • Identify pain points leading to churn and propose ways to ameliorate
  • Represent the voice of our community in meetings, reporting on their motivations and pain points related to our product
  • Host events on Discord
  • Create visuals when necessary with careful attention to our brand >

Identifying, following, and engaging with others in our industry niche on social media and on Discord and other relevant forums

  • Keep detailed records on relevant communities’ key objectives, >
  • Identify and potentially reach out to influencers with whom partnerships may be mutually beneficial
  • Stay professional without getting banned from other communities, but bring up our product when relevant and/or invite people who show a genuine need and/or interest in what we offer

Documenting Processes

  • Adding articles & other resources to our content reservoirs of ideas
  • Working within guidelines from our best practices documents, updating when appropriate, and creating new ones to document systems and processes
  • Maintaining detailed, organized systems to track our presence and engagement

What you’ll need to be successful

  • Excellent knowledge of blockchain technology (2+ years experience)
  • Excellent knowledge of Discord & Twitter/Crypto-twitter (2+ years experience)
  • Professionalism to represent the company’s core values with external parties
  • Limitless curiosity to learn more about the Web3 space
  • Strong enthusiasm for internet culture and active social media presence
  • Creative ideas to drive traffic to our platforms
  • Confidence to reach out and talk to new people all over the world
  • Empathy. You love people, and you love putting yourself in their shoes
  • Thick skin to handle trolls and escalate issues when necessary
  • Excitement to learn and implement new concepts and trends
  • Ability to self-manage your schedule and tasks to deliver results
  • Ability to adapt to ever-changing conditions
  • Outstanding communication skills to share progress and brainstorm with the team
  • Dedication to keeping detailed records of all tasks and content created in GSuite

Bonus Points

  • Familiarity with Trello a plus
  • Familiarity with Mailchimp, Reddit & LinkedIn a plus
  • Experience working remotely with international, often asynchronous teams a plus
  • Experience with enterprise software a plus
  • Perks
  • Flexible working hours
  • Access to a diverse Audiobook library and the opportunity to request titles
  • Opportunity to transition to a full-time role & grow with an early-stage startup
  • Bi-weekly productivity & wellness coaching (if desired) & license to our goal setting & time-tracking app

About Weavechain

Weavechain is the blockchain for enterprise big data, making it easy to use big data in multi-player Web3 like Snowflake did for single-player Web2. Enterprise big data is currently incompatible with Web3 because of data governance and performance requirements. Weave is middleware that sits on top of existing databases, achieving high performance with novel technology for blocking that works in coordination with enterprise friendly private chains instead of dumping directly on them. This unlocks basic Web3 benefits like tamper-proofing and built-in monetization, and is foundational for the multi-player data Renaissance where collaborative network effects will create entirely new industries.

Weavechain focuses on SaaS, Big Data, Databases, and Blockchains. Their company has offices in San Francisco. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.weavechain.com/