Top Zk Snark Open Source Projects

TOP 29 Zk Snark Open Source Projects in 2023

1. Gnark

GitHub stars: 1,100

Description: gnark is a fast zk-SNARK library that offers a high-level API to design circuits. The library is open source and developed under the Apac…

Programing Language: Go

Tags: golang, r1cs, zk-snarks, zksnark, zkp

Updated: 17 hours ago


2. Nightfall

GitHub stars: 871

Description: Nightfall protocols for private transactions on the Ethereum blockchain using zk-snarks

Programing Language: JavaScript

Updated: Jul 19


3. Bellman

GitHub stars: 833

Description: zk-SNARK library.

Programing Language: Rust

Updated: 7 days ago


4. ezkl

GitHub stars: 525

Description: ezkl is a library and command-line tool for doing inference for deep learning models and other computational graphs in a zk-snark (ZKML)

Programing Language: Rust

Tags: cryptography, ai, zero-knowledge, zkml

Updated: 36 minutes ago


5. o1js

GitHub stars: 357

Description: TypeScript framework for zk-SNARKs and zkApps

Programing Language: TypeScript

Updated: 1 hour ago


6. Stealthdrop

GitHub stars: 322

Description: Anonymous Airdrops using ZK-SNARKs

Programing Language: JavaScript

Tags: ethereum, zero-knowledge, zk-snarks

Updated: Jul 25, 2022


7. Lurk Rs

GitHub stars: 314

Description: Lurk is a Turing-complete programming language for recursive zk-SNARKs. It is a statically scoped dialect of Lisp, influenced by Scheme a…

Programing Language: Rust

Tags: programming-language, rust, cryptography, compiler, zero-knowledge

Updated: 2 hours ago


8. Bitcoin Private Legacy

GitHub stars: 274

Description: Bitcoin Private is a Bitcoin and Zclassic fork which uses ZK-SNARK technology for privacy and fungibility.

Programing Language: C++

Tags: bitcoin, zcash, zclassic, hacktoberfest, btcp

Updated: Oct 8, 2020


9. Moonmath Manual

GitHub stars: 232

Description: A resource for anyone interested in understanding and unlocking the potential of zk-SNARKs, from beginners to experts.

Programing Language: TeX

Updated: 15 days ago


10. Zkopru

GitHub stars: 209

Description: Ethereum L2 scaling solution for private transactions using zk-SNARK and optimistic rollup.

Programing Language: TypeScript

Tags: ethereum, layer2, zk-snarks, private-transactions, zkp

Updated: Jan 24


11. Jsnark

GitHub stars: 192

Description: A Java library for zk-SNARK circuits

Programing Language: Java

Updated: Dec 17, 2022


12. Xjsnark

GitHub stars: 173

Description: A high-level framework for developing efficient zk-SNARK circuits

Programing Language: JetBrains MPS

Updated: Nov 27, 2022


13. zkmm

GitHub stars: 162

Description: A Mastermind game using zk-snarks

Programing Language: TypeScript

Updated: Jul 24, 2022


14. mpc

GitHub stars: 159

Description: zk-SNARK parameter multi-party computation protocol

Programing Language: Rust

Updated: Oct 30, 2019


15. Pysnark

GitHub stars: 147

Description: Library for programming zk-SNARKs directly in Python

Programing Language: Python

Tags: smart-contracts, python3, zero-knowledge, zk-snarks, pinocchio

Updated: May 9


16. Powersoftau

GitHub stars: 131

Description: Communal zk-SNARK MPC for Public Parameters

Programing Language: Rust

Updated: Jun 1, 2021


17. Zknifty

GitHub stars: 87

Description: 🎴Zero-knowledge non-fungible tokens on Ethereum using zk-SNARKs

Programing Language: Python

Tags: ethereum, blockchain, erc721, zksnarks, eddcsa

Updated: Sep 10, 2018


18. Eth Mimblewimble

GitHub stars: 81

Description: Ethereum 9 3/4's zk-SNARKs circuits and the python library for Mimblewimble on Ethereum

Programing Language: Python

Tags: ethereum, erc20, zk-snarks, mimblewimble, zk-rollup

Updated: Dec 10, 2022


19. Ethdosnumber

GitHub stars: 76

Description: ZK Erdos Numbers using recursive SNARKs

Programing Language: TypeScript

Updated: Sep 24, 2022


20. Pysnark

GitHub stars: 74

Description: Python-based system for zk-SNARK based verifiable computations and smart contracts

Programing Language: Python

Updated: Sep 17, 2019


21. Zk Microphone

GitHub stars: 65

Description: 🎙🔒 ZK Microphone: Trusted audio in the age of deepfakes 🔒🎙 Generative AI is a threat to society. It enables disinformation, manipulation,…

Programing Language: Solidity

Updated: Jul 23


22. Bellman Examples

GitHub stars: 64

Description: examples for bellman zk-snarks library

Programing Language: Rust

Updated: Oct 30, 2018


23. Eiquidus

GitHub stars: 60

Description: Feature-rich open-source altcoin block explorer. Regular Updates ~ Platform Independent ~ Mobile Friendly ~ Supports Themes, Markets, Cha…

Programing Language: JavaScript

Tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency, altcoins, blockchain-explorer, blockexplorer

Updated: 22 days ago


24. Circuits

GitHub stars: 55

Description: Implements hermez network zk-Snarks circuits

Programing Language: JavaScript

Updated: Jun 29


25. maze

GitHub stars: 54

Description: Multi proof Aggregation for Zk SNARK on Ethereum

Programing Language: Rust

Updated: May 2


26. Snark Example

GitHub stars: 51

Description: ZK-SNARK snarkjs and circom exercises

Programing Language: Dockerfile

Updated: Apr 6, 2019


27. Zk Snar Ks Explainer

GitHub stars: 44

Description: An example of a zero-knowledge proof (a zk-SNARK) explained in comic format.

Programing Language: Updated on May 21, 2020



28. Snarky Sudoku

GitHub stars: 41

Description: Zero-knowledge Sudoku using zk-SNARKs

Programing Language: Solidity

Updated: Mar 17, 2022


29. Cream

GitHub stars: 40

Description: zkCREAM is zk-SNARK based anonymized voting application using a token mixer

Programing Language: TypeScript

Tags: ethereum, solidity, zero-knowledge, zk-snarks, circom

Updated: Feb 18, 2022


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