Smith Arnold Partners is hiring a
Web3 Solidity Developer

Compensation: $120k - $140k

Location: CT Stamford US

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  • Hi Tech company on the bleeding edge.
  • They are disrupted to the status quo.
  • Fast paced environment start-up environment.

Title: Solidity Developer – Enterprise Technology

Location: Stamford, CT

Salary: $120,000 to $140,000 (Options)

Exceptional Firm Culture - Founded on a culture that values initiative, innovation, teamwork, and mutual respect. Each team member is not only responsible for achieving their individual goals but also for being responsive and supportive when colleagues require assistance. You will have involvement in making crucial company and product decisions.

Cutting-Edge Projects - An exciting opportunity for you to contribute to the development of pioneering product offerings that are frequently the first of their kind.

Enviornment / Training / Professional Development -

We encourage team bonding and camaraderie through regular in-office team lunches and social events. You'll have the opportunity to engage with professionals in the industry by joining industry groups and attending local conferences. Moreover, after some time in your role, you'll have the chance to attend out-of-town conferences.

Join a progressing & successful Fintech developing one of the world’s best solutions providing access to financial markets and trading of digital assets and securities. Are you interested in becoming part of the next generation blockchain technology? We are well funded, and we are a seeking talented Production support manager to help us our innovative product.

We are a certified Broker-dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS) in the process of creating an innovative ecosystem designed to facilitate the issuance and trading of digital asset securities, including tokenized securities and other assets. Our vision is to pave the way for a future where virtually everything is tradable, and we have already established the technological infrastructure necessary to realize this vision. Being a company regulated by both the SEC and FINRA and licensed to operate in the digital asset securities space, we are well-positioned to serve as a bridge between traditional finance and the digital future. Through the strategic use of technology, we aim to enhance the capital markets for both issuers and investors, ushering in a new era of financial opportunities.

The Role:

We are looking for Solidity Engineer with experience in developing robust smart contracts and building blockchains. If you have a proven track record of working on such projects and enjoy solving complex challenges related to blockchains and Web3 technologies, we want you on our innovative team. Your role will involve designing decentralized products and implementing business logic across various ecosystems using smart contracts.


  • Building the new financial stack through smart contracts, collaborating with testnets, and using deployment scripts.
  • Understanding implementing mitigation strategies, security pitfalls, vulnerabilities.
  • Collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Demonstrating a creative flair, always ready to approach tasks innovatively.
  • Proficient in utilizing blockchains and DeFi as a user.
  • Challenging your skills and pushing creative limits while working with the latest technologies and systems


  • Over 3 years of expertise in Solidity (DeFi smart contracts), Web3, Ethereum, and API Integration for DApps.
  • Knowledge and enthusiasm for crypto projects, encompassing areas like DeFi and DAOs.
  • Proficient in writing, testing, and deploying smart contracts, with a focus on system design for the product.
  • Expertise in building essential backend modules, including authentication, session management, queues, and schedulers.
  • Skillful in writing and compiling smart contracts across diverse blockchains.
  • Extensive experience with Solidity, EVM, and tools for smart contract development.
  • Proficient in using Web3 libraries and developing applications that interact with smart contracts on Ethereum-based chains

Apply Now:

Compensation: $120k - $140k

Location: CT Stamford US

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