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Content Writer

Async Art
$27k - $81k est.

This job is closed

The Role Calling all writers and content marketers! We are looking for someone to inspire and engage our community of artists and collectors with written content about programmable art, Web3, and NFTs. The ideal Content Writer should have strong written and verbal communication skills, and should be punctual, self-driven, and organized. 

Responsibilities - Create compelling long form and short form blog content on a regular cadence - Get the word out about this content through SEO and other marketing strategies - Generate and execute on content ideas to grow our community in creative, engaging ways - Additional marketing duties as necessary

Qualifications You are a writer — Nothing excites you more than filling up a blank page.  The right attitude — You love a community through thick and thin. Professionalism — You present yourself and represent Async appropriately. Team player — We are a very open and collaborative team and pride ourselves in wearing multiple hats.

Added Bonus - Experience with, or proven interest in, the DeFi, Crypto, NFT space - Have artistic or musical background

Benefits Remote work forever. We don't plan to have a physical office anytime soon. Opportunity to work with industry leaders to learn invaluable skills. High-impact work that will help artists make and sell beautiful artwork to a vibrant community of collectors.

How to Apply Share your writing portfolio and any relevant statistics on how your content has performed (e.g., How much traffic have your top posts driven? What kinds of click-through rates have you achieved on your posts? In the initial interview, please be prepared to discuss written pieces you are most proud of and why.)

What is Async Art? We pride ourselves in being the pioneers of programmable media — a medium in which we leave the current visual look completely up to its current owners. Imagine if DaVinci made his Mona Lisa in several Layers, and sold it all separately so different owners can change Mona Lisa's expression, her outfit, and the background. 

Imagine if your favorite celebrity musician made their new music single with different lyrics, beats, and sound effects so that their biggest fans can change the song depending on which combination is selected.

We launched in February 2020 and have been innovating at lightning speed. In just our first year we were featured at Christie’s, accrued over $4.3M in artist sales, and secured over $2M+ in capital funding.