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Belmont Lavan
$72k - $110k est.
Amsterdam NL


3+ years of engine experience, such as Unity and/or Unreal Engine.

Any experience with O3DE is a plus.

You are free to work at home but get excited about working at the office with colleagues.

Fluent in C#, Javascript ( Node.js and React.js ) and Python.

Experience with Solidity and Rust is a plus.

We’re not looking for a unicorn, so 3D modelling experience is a plus; you will work closely with 3D artists and concept designers.

Strong understanding of game design principles and spatial UI/UX.

Experience with creating AR/VR applications or games.

Experience with Web XR frameworks such as; Three.js, Babylon.js and A-Frame.

Demonstrated ability to adapt to new technologies and learn quickly.

Experience with mobile development and porting to mobile platforms is a plus.

Excellent communication skills, structured, strong analytical and results-oriented.

Fluent in English (verbal and written communication), Dutch-speaking is a plus.

Bachelor’s or master’s degree - STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) majors preferred