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Head of Design

$63k - $90k est.

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Head of Design

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Design /
Full Time

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About Delphia

Delphia is building the world's first investment strategy anyone can improve with their data. We
select stocks to a portfolio by analyzing trends in the data and the market.

We are building a new kind of company that re-thinks the value of privacy, data rights, and
fiduciary responsibility in order to ensure your data is always working for you — like your money.

Whether we're identifying trends or educating people on how their data can be used to make
better investment decisions, people at Delphia are socially-minded creatives at heart. Our teams
are continually iterating, solving hard problems, and collaborating to generate new forms of
value and economic returns for our users (we call them “members”, in fact). Working together,
we want people to realize the true value of their data — and we're just getting started.

Delphia is growing! We currently have 80 people in multi-disciplinary teams located around the
world. The company was founded in 2018 and is a graduate of Y Combinator and the Creative
Destruction Lab. We’ve raised three rounds of funding and approximately $80 million to date.

You Are
We are looking for a kind and empathetic design leader to join our team. You will co-create a design standard and apply it. We need consistency across branding and product experience across all our platforms. You will inspire others and influence design's impact on our organization.

Your Top Priorities

    • Ensure everyone in the company answers the question “Who is Delphia for, and why does it deserve to exist?” through the lens of our data investors in the same way
    • Refine our brand strategy, then apply it everywhere
    • Win over a team of 10 creatives and align them to our company mission, vision, and strategy

Our Design Bet

    • We currently have three separate design organizations. One in Product, one in Marketing, and one in Asset Management. There isn’t a single person responsible for design as a whole. By creating this role, Design will have more influence across the company. As a result, our design will be more cohesive, leading to a more meaningful experience.
    • We also believe there is an urgency to the role. By 2023, we will have at least four entities that need to hang together inside a constellation. Every impression in the constellation needs to compound prior impressions. Today it isn't clear what we want someone to do upon encountering an impression. It’s also unclear what emotional chord we want to hit or what key message we want to leave imprinted in their minds.

Your Success Criteria

    • Everyone in the company knows our target users, their needs, and how that connects to our mission
    • Our customer experience gets better
    • The design team has more satisfaction due to a greater sense of purpose and personal growth

Executive Role Responsibilities (33%)

    • Bring a design-and-user-experience-informed perspective to company challenges—planning and strategy, business success, etc.
    • Sell design throughout the company. Advocate for its potential and what it needs to be most effective

Creative Role Responsibilities (32%)

    • Inspire and hold the design team accountable for the delivery of high-quality work
    • Focus on systems and strategy
    • The primary output of cohesion is an end-to-end experience
    • Overseeing corporate, brand/marketing, and product design

People Role Responsibilities (20%)

    • Build a healthy, performant, and long-lasting team
    • Oversee recruiting and hiring processes
    • Career and professional development
    • Establish a compelling team culture
    • Day-to-day people management practices that are suitable for designers

Operational Role Responsibilities (15%)

    • Skill in operations, including people, processes, communication, coordination, planning, budgets, onboarding, partners, etc.

Fundamental Qualifications

    • You show curiosity by finding the root of the problem before proposing solutions
    • You understand what it takes to find product/market fit
    • You can deliver a delightful and cohesive user experience
    • You’ve got what it takes to be an inspiring leader to top talent
    • You make great design decisions, even if you don’t have a complete set of information to guide you
    • You focus on seeing things from the customer's perspective


    • You can build high-performing design teams
    • You can shape the perception of the company and product
    • You have experience as an organization-wide leader (not a “design leader”)
    • When you communicate, your message comes through with clarity and purpose


    • You have enough technical fluency to make decisions that have technical implications
    • You develop others (coaching, support, and recognition to enhance alignment, motivation, and performance)
    • You use visuals to discover ideas, develop them, and share them with others in a way they can understand


    • You’ve worked in FinTech before. You know what KYC/AML means and how to create an experience around it
    • You’ve worked in Asset management before. You know what AUM means and why everyone gets anxious around 4:00 p.m. Eastern time
    • You’ve worked in Web3/Crypto before. You have some cryptocurrencies and an NFT or two in your wallet
As a member of the Delphia team, you will enjoy a variety of perks and benefits such as:

Health Benefits:

● Comprehensive Health, Dental and Vision Benefits, plus a Health Spending Account
● Gym Allowance

Team Connectedness:

● Annual Delphia Summit
● Quarterly in-person Town Halls near one of our Hubs (New York, Toronto, London, San
● Quarterly Team Outings


● Flexible work hours with the ability to work from home when need be
● Work From Anywhere Policy
● Flexible Time-Off Policy

Investment Opportunities:

● Employee Stock Options
● Access to our Hedge Fund

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate
by race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran
status, or disability status. Delphia is committed to working with applicants requesting accommodations.

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