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$72k - $117k est.
CA Berkeley US

The Eluvio platform is a global multimedia distribution network. We are a fast-growing web3 startup based in Berkeley, CA led by Emmy-award-winning technical founders. If you are an outstanding student of computer science or related field and want real-world experience coding, please apply for this paid internship.

You will have the opportunity to work with some of the most skilled software engineers in the industry and will be involved in the early phases of building a multi-faceted decentralized platform. Ideal candidates will have excellent academic performance and demonstrated practical experience in software.

We are a team of independent and self-starter individuals, and thus ideal candidates will be ambitious and creative. We have a very friendly and warm working environment right here in Berkeley. We have a strong track record for past business success and thus are pragmatic and customer/user focused in our work. We have a track record of hiring our best interns post-graduation and you will work with a number of team members who are former summer interns.


Basic Requirements

  • General programming in Go, Rust, JavaScript/node/react
  • Facile working across different platforms and environments
  • Experience working on large-scale distributed systems
  • High accountability
  • Skill documenting decisions, processes, and code

Areas of Focus

We have several focus areas available for internship so, please highlight your interest and any experience in the following areas:
  • Front end and web3/dapp development (most of our apps are using react)
  • Applied cryptography
  • Devops and large-scale test frameworks


Summer internships are 8 to 12 weeks and are not eligible for benefits.

Compensation is $20 to $40/hour depending on experience

Part-time and Full-time are both available