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$63k - $82k est.
United States New York US

The belief against NFTs are getting stronger day by day which was evidenced by the increasing volumes. Yet, the following questions are being asked by most of the market participants.

Those questions are “What about NFTs’ valuation? Is the pricing of NFTs speculative or not? How about the liquidity of them? Where and how NFT holders or Investors can reach the right bids and offers?”

Our goal is to eliminate the current speculative pricing nature of NFTs by introducing artificial intelligence to the trading, collecting, and investing strategy. Our team comes from five different countries with industry backgrounds in finance, tech, customer service, and consumer goods.

The ideal candidate will be a creative and analytical thinker. They will be able to conduct insightful market research to establish a marketing strategy that will effectively reach the target audience. They should be comfortable evaluating the marketing process and work to critique and improve its outcomes.


  • Identify target audiences, objectives, and desired outcomes of the marketing campaign
  • Develop and execute a global marketing strategy.
  • Develop the content of marketing campaigns
  • Contributes to developing and executing marketing communications.
  • Stay up-to-date on current marketing trends
  • Managing brand communication channels (social media, web) in line with the strategic goals and managing the accounts in line with the KPI goals.


  • Web3 experience is preferred
  • Bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field
  • Min 5 years of ERP/IT relevant experience
  • Strong analytical, communication, time-management, and creativity skills
  • Strong ability to focus on customer/market and take initiative Experience with social media
  • IT/ERP sector experience is preferred