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web3 Marketer with passion NFTs crypto etc.

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Hello creative web3 marketers of AngelList,

We are New School Marketing – a platform that connects talented web3 marketers with exclusive remote work opportunities. We have an abundance of leads and interesting web3 companies that need help with their digital marketing, especially (1) building community and (2) scaling up sales.

The benefits of our platform include access to the right opportunities for your experience/skills, so you can focus on creativity and marketing – not sales/clients.

The problem is that we don’t have enough web3 marketers with expertise in:

πŸ”΄ Influencer Marketing
🟑 Twitter/Discord Growth (and measurable, documented results)

If you think you can help us, and you’re skilled enough to get sustainable results, please do the following:

βœ… Complete this google form:
😈 (Optional) Add me: satoshisrevenge#0666

Good luck,