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Oslo, Norway

$100k - $120k

$100k - $120k
03 Oslo NO

About us

At Presail, we make Web3 investment groups simpler to run and safer to participate in. Presail ( gives community managers the tools they need to manage their group. We reduce their risk of making mistakes, getting hacked, and getting scammed. Our vision is to become the leading software for Web3 investment communities and to make Web3 investing safer and more approachable.

About the role

As a product designer in Presail, you will work with the Head of Product on translating business goals into a tangible design. We don't believe in giving specific tasks, but instead the desired outcome - and leave you to identify the best way to reach this. At our core, we care deeply about reducing friction and lowering barriers to entry. Web3 is currently complex and faces design and user experiences issues that need to be solved in order to reach a mainstream audience. That's where you come in.

You'll be the first designer, and as such will have an immense impact on Presail and the future of community-driven funding, and how that will look in the web3 space. We have a ton of existing communities that are actively using Presail as their core platform for operating. Another important element that is yours to discover, is the thousands of active users we have. The users of our clients, take advantage of the Presail ecosystem in order to manage and have an overview of their own investments. In the coming year, we will be launching existing features to them, and you'll be leading those initiatives with the Head of Product.

On a day-to-day basis, you can be expected to talk with everyone on the team. Be it the developers for implementation, or discussing the roadmap and plans for the company.

What you’ll do

Here are some examples of the tasks the Presail team has on its plate:
  • Redesign the contribution page, the most exposed and used element of Presail is the page where individuals contribute and invest. This means they interact with a Defi wallet, send a transaction, see information about the project. 

  • Defining the design system, everything we have currently is random. We can't tell you why the design is, or why the experience is the way it is. We've tried to make it simple - your job is to decide, and set guidelines for our brand and product.

  • Launching the investor portal, the place where individuals can see and manage all of their investments. What do they want to see? How can they manage it in the best way possible? Those are all unanswered questions we need to find out together.

  • Presail app, by the end of this year we hope to launch our consumer-facing mobile app. Allowing people to discover existing communities using Presail and apply to join, contribute to deals through the app, and have an overview.

What you’ll get in return

  • € 100 000 - 120 000 salary, depending on the fit and relevant experience

  • 24 days of vacation, in addition to national holidays

  • Premium health insurance, no matter where you're located. Dental and vision included.

  • Employee stock option plan! Up to $75K ownership based on the current evaluation.

  • Workstation stipend. Let's get you set up with your dream desk!

  • Work remotely

  • No expectations to be always-online when you are not working


  • Taking features from ideation to fully implemented.

  • Good understanding of the “broader picture” of a product

  • A knack for:
    • Making great products

    • Problem-solving in general

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Is a good team player, and an all-around good colleague

  • Some new to bring to the table, in terms of knowledge or experience


  • Web3 and blockchain development experience

  • Team lead experience