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Sytac is an all around development company that offers full-cycle development services for our clients.

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Medior Mobile Developer

$58k - $100k est.

This job is closed

Sytac is an IT consultancy company that provides clients with the expertise needed to build complex software solutions. Our consultants are able to follow their own roadmap to success through our Grow, Share, and Relax mentality. To Grow means that we ensure our employees work with the latest technologies by organising monthly technical sessions and harbour the most innovative projects in the Netherlands. To Share means that we constantly stimulate a vivid flow of ideas through our culture of knowledge sharing. To Relax means becoming part of an active community of 100+ IT experts, cultivating a great work-life balance.

What your mission is: As Medior Mobile Developer at Sytac, you contribute to the improvement and optimisation of the online experience of millions of customers. Using the latest technology, you transform the ever-changing insights in the world of e-commerce, aviation and banking into code that works. In short, you use your programming skills to develop, test and implement new functionalities, together with your team.

At Sytac you work with the best experts in the field. In an open environment, where expertise is valued, where you learn from each other and have the freedom to innovate. When your team needs a break from coding, you can head for the high-tech gaming room. Afterwards, you'll be full of energy and ready to dive into the code again.

Your passion is to work with the latest and greatest technologies that make working with large amounts of data easy, you’re proactive in keeping yourself up to date and trying everything out. You also enjoy laying the architectural foundations for the things you’re working on while aligning the business problem with the right technology. You combine both thinking of the future and a hands-on, right now attitude. You are able to identify on which fronts a team can grow and will help them get there. You will work in a team with highly skilled people and enjoy a creative atmosphere where trying things out is encouraged.

We mainly have projects using the following technologies and frameworks: - iOS 13+ - Swift - SwiftUI/UIKit - RxSwift/Combine - Azure DevOps, Jenkins - SPM

While we do have a rigorous but fair 3 step interview process, at the end of the day being an amazing developer won’t cut it. You need to be able to voice your opinion, you will need to have the spine to tell your client if they’re steering into self-destruction, and of course, we want you to get along with the rest of our consultants, which means our own engineers will be testing if your DNA fits our culture.

We heavily invest in our consultants both in your technical skills and your wellbeing. - Above market salary – We constantly monitor the average salary on the market and makes sure that you get more. - Unlimited training/Tech Budget – Use this to certify yourself in the latest technologies, attend conferences or buy the latest gadgets that will help you excel at work while making your colleagues jealous. - Remote work: the opportunity to work from Spain. - Access to our Sytac communities and monthly tech and non-tech events.

Some of our perks: - Money: Above market salary base and variable salary - Incentive Trips – Skiing, Drifting, Rented beach clubs, you name it, we’ve been there. - Monthly Nibbles and drinks – We never skip a month to take out our developers for great beer and food - Private Slack environment - Have a complex problem? Did you run into a bug you just can't figure out? Just ask your question in our Slack environment and get the answer immediately – after all 125 minds work better than 1. - 30+ Paid holiday and training days – We give you enough time to recharge your batteries at your favourite holiday destination. - Covered travel expenses – Because time is money. - Budgets: Tech, Training, Laptop and even Bike budgets. - Pension – We have thought about your future and when you’ll be developing at home with your grandchildren

Some of the notable projects that Sytac developers have personally contributed to are: - WIFI onboard 777 - KLM - Flight Search Engine - KLM - Blockchain real estate website - KPMG - The login page on - Marktplaats - Mobile Banking authentication - ING - Meal box planner like Hellofresh and Bierbox - Albert Heijn