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Illinois Chicago United States

Reward: this is a non-paid position; we’ll reward team members with our crypto token

Effort: part-time, 10-15 hours per week

Blockchain Startup looks for a super energetic and creative Crypto Project Marketing Specialist / Community Engagement Manager / Social Networks Account Communications Manager to run communications for the project and Minimum Viable Product #1.

We are a US-based Blockchain startup company looking for a Marketing/Communications manager to help create and execute marketing strategy for the Product Authenticity blockchain project.


  1. Manage Social Network accounts - create/write posts, engane users, run promotions, communicate with community members, identify ways to grow followers
  2. Manage marketing campaigns
  3. Create and execute marketing strategy for MVP1 and for the project
  4. Record videos featuring our mobile application and the project for YouTube and other platforms
  5. Write articles and posts
  6. Design simple marketing/promotional materials etc
  7. Spend about 10-15 hours per week working remotely

Required Skills:

  • Perfect spoken and written English
  • Ability to write clear, precise and engaging posts/articles and manage communications via multiple channels
  • Creativity to propose approaches to grow the audience
  • Proactivity - ability to drive marketing and communications

Trusterras focuses on Manufacturing, Startups, Luxury, Blockchains, and Fin Tech. Their company has offices in Chicago. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at