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NFT Frontend UI UX Expert

$50k - $95k

This job is closed

We’re looking for an in-house front end developer with heavy skills in UI/UX. You should be very passionate & involved in the DeFi/NFT space and have some kind of experience working in the industry. Bonus points if you've been part of an NFT project before and have an artistic eye.

You will be handling the build out of our landing page that will host the NFT sale so we'd like to build out an amazing landing page that tells a story and compels our followers to buy the NFTs. You should have experience in the technical implementation of NFTs as well.

We've developed some pretty exciting tech that allows for a truly decentralized cross-chain experience with plans to launch a first of its kind dex, wallet, dao and much more so this landing page NFT promotion is just the first marketing event to get people excited for all the groundbreaking products we’re launching. The project as a whole is a first of its kind decentralized, cross-chain, post quantum secure exchange ecosystem.

You MUST have passion and experience in the NFT space and be okay with getting paid is crypto (any coin of your choice) Salary is TBD (Salary plus tokens & NFT ownership)

We have an office here in LA where you would be working out of (we're very flexible so don't look at this like a 9-5 M-F type of full-time job) You should want to come into the office to brainstorm, build and be just as excited as us to see each other in person. My two partners and I are here almost everyday so you'd be working closely with us (the founders). This is a great opportunity to grow with a startup that has some of the greatest minds around the world developing truly cutting edge technology with very big goals.

Please respond with a bit about yourself, why you're right for the job, and include links to your past work please.