Almanak is hiring a
Web3 Senior Data Scientist / Researcher - DeFi

Compensation: $84k - $110k *

Location: Zurich Zürich Switzerland

Almanak Blockchain Labs is a data science & research-oriented company, dedicated to understanding and designing the next generation of decentralized networks. The company is backed by top crypto VCs.

We use agent-based simulations to optimize and improve top-tier decentralized finance & gaming protocols - our ultimate objective is to use cutting-edge data modeling to maximize their profitability while simultaneously ensuring economic security.

Our culture is centered around the disciplined pursuit of knowledge, meritocracy, impact on our partner’s businesses, and data-backed performance. We are a collective of execs and technologists from companies such as Google, McKinsey, Uber, EY, and DBS Bank.

Currently, we are seeking a Defi Researcher, with expertise in data science and web3 to join our product team and facilitate the creation and shipment of cutting-edge products and innovation.

This role would suit someone who has worked as a data scientist/quant within a web3 protocol or an Investment Fund and has a strong interest in applying data science methodologies within various web3 verticals.

An ideal team member:

  • Is highly interested in cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and all things web3. You already have a good grasp of the crypto space concepts and mechanisms.
  • Understands the math, design, and smart contract architecture of DeFi projects.
  • Understands the business model (revenue streams) of different types of DeFi protocols.
  • Understands the risks of DeFI protocols, impermanent loss, liquidation cascades, bad liquidations, flash loan attacks, oracles manipulations, MEV, etc.
  • Understands how DAOs operate and what is the role of governance within crypto.
  • Is familiar with agent-based modeling.
  • Is ambitious, independent, proactive, and naturally curious.
  • Is performance-oriented and does everything to “get things done”.
  • Is hungry to learn more and impact the world of DeFi protocols and DAO governance.


  • Researching and quantifying problems the DeFi landscape is currently facing.
  • Interacting with DAOs and web3 builders to understand their needs.
  • Analyzing raw data: assessing quality, cleansing, and structuring for downstream processing.
  • Designing and running experiments in our custom simulation infrastructure to optimize DAOs' economics and decision-making process.
  • Collaborating with Engineering to bring analytical prototypes to production.
  • Building dashboards and creating data visualizations that advise Defi protocols on risk and capital efficiency management.
  • Participating in product strategy sessions and supporting the team from the earliest initial stages.

Basic Qualifications:
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken, especially in data-science-related vocabulary & crypto lingo.
  • 3+ years prior professional experience as a data scientist.
  • Domain expertise in at least one of the following: Financial machine learning, reinforcement learning, complex system control, graph theory, bayesian and causal networks, evolutionary algos, and advanced data visualization.
  • Solid mathematical/quantitative background.
  • Solid experience with main Python frameworks.
  • Experience with stochastic modeling.

Extra Qualifications:
  • Prior experience with high-frequency trading software development.
  • Prior experience with risk-management frameworks from TradFi.
  • Solidity knowledge.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Compensation: You’ll receive competitive compensation, consisting of either fiat/crypto remuneration and an equity package in the core Almanak holding. Team members are also eligible for attractive yearly bonuses (consisting of fiat/crypto) upon positive yearly performance.
  • Impact: You’ll work with some of the smartest people in the space and play a pivotal role in influencing the way some of the most popular crypto applications are built.
  • Learning: You’ll benefit from the cumulative knowledge of the entire A-class Almanak team and our extended network. The company holds regular sessions during which collective crypto Alpha is discussed.
  • Flexible schedule & remote work: You’ll be able to work remotely and manage your own time. We want you to work from a place that makes you the happiest, and contributes to your overall well-being. A happy team means a strong team.</li>
  • Co-working space, gear & education budgets: The company shall invest in your comfort of work, as well as in your personal growth.
  • Unlimited potential: Our company values knowledge and strategized impact first - you’ll have a chance to adopt new responsibilities and greatly influence the organization with your creativity.
  • Intellectual freedom: You’ll have the freedom to develop novel models and frameworks for innovative financial products and turn ideas, theories, and research into implementations with real impact.

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Compensation: $84k - $110k *

Location: Zurich Zürich Switzerland

This job is closed

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