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San Jose, CA, United States

$45k - $82k

$45k - $82k est.
CA San Jose US


We are looking for a Content Creator to help and support the creation of exciting new projects for the next-generation gaming and metaverse. Depending on your background, skills, and experience, we'll be able to find the most suitable role within our team.

The ideal candidate will create and develop online marketing materials, including videos, flyers, graphics, and unique content to increase brand awareness. This candidate will have previous content creation experience and be able to produce engaging and visually appealing content for the company's social media presence.

Our Orc tribe is a pool of brilliant Orcs from many disciplines, including 3D artists, concept artists, game developers, graphic designers, community moderators, front developers, and blockchain developers worldwide. We banded together to bring high-quality 3D content to the Meta Verse and NFT Space and self-publish our collections, games, and items.


Do you have experience in content creation, video production, graphic design, and/or social media marketing?

Do you have some projects to show experience with any of these skill sets listed or relevant to help with the continuation of improvement to our company?

Are you passionate and motivated about the future of gaming and driven with an entrepreneurial spirit?

Are you resourceful, innovative, forward-thinking, and committed?

Sounds like you? At 3MetaD, our people embrace these qualities, so if this sounds like you found the proper Horde!


We get better every day. Our technical abilities should always expand our ideas and direct our attention to the challenge; we question the status quo. We don't accept yesterday's answers to tomorrow's challenges.

We follow our moral compass. Our values guide our decisions.

We surround ourselves with people who believe in our mission.

We fail, learn, and grow. We want our successes and failures to contribute to the collective wisdom of our profession. We should learn from our successes and failures so that we can continue to make progress.


You know yours is better than ours because you have different clocks. You are expected to work 18 hours a week, with one day per weekend. The times were built around your availability and our team's hours.


Revenue-based / Percentage-based compensation model to its employees. , there is no upfront payment available at the moment.

This means that employees will receive a certain percentage of the company's profits as their salary. This compensation model is designed to incentivize employees to help the company succeed, as their personal success will be directly tied to its success.

Commission will depend on sales obtained to projects you contribute and distributed based on the contribution/output. Our default structure is a per collection/project basis and distributed at a department level.

This will be broken down to a individual level in the departments, each department will be assigned a % of all earnings, and all members of that department will receive a contribution based on the output and effort applied;

Department allocation: 20% / 4 (members of department) = equal load between department 5% percent of profits for that collection.

✅Equity: ✅

We are also offering company equity as part of our long-term compensation package. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to be a part of a growing company and have a real stake in its success.


You have the following skills:

• Experience in content creation, graphic design, video editing, or social media marketing.

• Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects or similar toolsets.

• Strong understanding of social media platforms and content optimization.

• Interest and knowledge in the gaming industry.

• Interest and knowledge in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

• Excellent US English skills (both written and verbal).

• Precision and great attention to detail.

• Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

• Ability to work well individually and within a group.


Task you will assist with:

• Create and assemble various content strategy-driven presentations with the collaboration of the team and departments.

• Manage all aspects of marketing for the company, including advertising, public relations, social media, website, creative qualifications, ad campaigns, blog posts, and content for newsletters.

• Lead marketing contact for influencers and partnerships to facilitate marketing across email, social platforms, and website

• Develop and execute creative marketing materials, including video content, flyers, social media posts, and unique graphics.

• Collaborate with the marketing team to develop content strategies and create assets that align with the company's goals and target audience.

• Ensure that all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of >

• Edit and optimize content for various social media platforms, ensuring that it is engaging and shareable

• Monitor and analyze content performance and make data-driven recommendations for improvements.

• Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in content creation and marketing.


• Stress resistant, flexible.

• Positive, optimistic, and perseverant.

• Strong work ethic and commitment.


• Expert multitasker.

• Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time and work with minimal supervision

• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail

• Ability to manage and lead a team of professionals

• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

• Ability to work independently and successfully as a member of a team

• Ability to work well under pressure and handle change

• Self-motivated and results-oriented

• Proactive, driven and organized

• Problem-solving

• Project management

• Researcher

• Social Media Management

• Teamwork and collaboration


• Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, Media Production, or related field.

•Excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts

•Experience with business-to-customer social media and content generation

•Strong creative and analytical skills

• At least one year of content creation experience in a professional setting.


① Online selection

We review resumes from all applicants within two weeks. We will send you a small challenge if your profile matches our requirements. We'll reach out to you again to schedule the first interview based on the results.

② Interviews

We conduct one interview to assess your character, passions, skills, and interest in what we do. We also take the time to share our vision and values, as you are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you.

③ Offer

We make our final decision within two weeks after the final interview and send details of our work together.