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ALPACADABRAZ is looking a Chief Executive Officer


This job is closed

ALPACADABRAZ started as an inspired and intriguing vision from our contemporary in-house artist, Chuckchee. But it has since grown into a digital lifestyle, a dynamic platform, and an influential brand. We’re expanding at a staggering and exciting rate, with no limit to where we can take this project in the future. And as a result, we’re actively bolstering our team so that we’re prepared to tackle everything that lies ahead. 

The role

ALPACADABRAZ is invested heavily in metaverse land, enterprises and games. Paca-oriented Play-to-Earn action is on the horizon as part of a fully-built Alpaca-themed universe on Sandbox land, where Paca loyalists will have the ability to mount avatars on their 3D NFTs -- something never before seen in the metaverse. We will also have a presence in NFTWorlds and are part of Sandbox’s Game Maker Fun. That being the case, we are looking for a Chief Operating Officer that will oversee the gaming and metaverse realms to spearhead our operations in those spaces.  

The ideal candidate will...

  • Be familiar if not experienced in leading mid-sized teams
  • Possess knowledge of Crypto and/or NFTs
  • Preferably an active and enthusiastic member of the NFT community
  • Be well-versed in community-oriented platforms like Discord, Slack and Twitter
  • Fully doxxed and willing to KYC


  • Strong leadership skills
  • A passion for NFTs and the metaverse 
  • Full-time availability
  • Native fluency in English as a speaker, reader and writer
  • Strong organizational skills

What you’ll get from ALPACADABRAZ

  • A sense of pride that what we’re doing is special and meaningful 
  • Acceptance into an enthusiastic, tight-knit community that loves this space and is extremely engaged and supportive
  • Exclusive access to drops and other ALPACADABRAZ-related events
  • US $110,000 annual salary, plus bonuses based on milestones reached