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Smart Contract Developer

$74k - $120k est.

This job is closed

We are a passionate young team on a mission to enable a fairer, more decentralized world. To do so we are building a crucial piece of cross-chain infrastructure to enable multiple blockchains to coexist and serve different needs. Apart from the tech we care a lot about user experience and aim to make complex technologies accessible for everyone.

As a Smart Contract Developer, you will be part of our Smart Contract Team and work with several Solidity Developers. You are expected to have deep non-EVM ecosystem knowledge and several years of experience. You'll also be working closely with our CTO and backend teams, and take part in the Smart Contract development roadmap.

Please note: You must be located in between the GMT-1/GMT+3 timezone. Your application will not be considered if you're outside this timezone.


Among other tasks, you will:

  • Drive high-level decisions about the smart contract architecture
  • Write well-documented, performant, clean, and re-usable Solidity code
  • Ensure a high-quality, secure code base
  • Work with auditors to identify and patch vulnerabilities
  • Manage smart contract deployments
  • Collaborate with designers and other developers


  • Must be located in between the GMT-1/GMT+3 timezone
  • Deep exposure and knowledge of the Blockchain world and DeFi ecosystem
  • 3+ years of professional development experience
  • 2+ years of EVM experience and writing Solidity code
  • Exposure to further Blockchain ecosystems such as Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, Metis, zkSync
  • Strong communication skills and ownership
  • Past experience in fast-growing startups in the crypto space


Empowered teams:

We take the best person with the right skills, then inspire them to use them! We trust our team and give them the space and ownership to excel and achieve.

Flexible time management:

We believe work should adapt to your life, not the other way around. We only schedule a few fixed meetings every week – you're free to arrange the rest of your time as you like.

Full-time employment:

If you live/relocate to Germany, you will be hired as an employee. You will be hired as an employee of record if you live outside of Germany.

Inclusive culture:

It’s our priority to make our whole team feel included, appreciated and respected. Our global, culturally diverse team is our most important asset.


We’re a fully remote, global company. As long as you’re not on Mars (the WiFi is terrible we heard), being part of our team from the comfort of your own home works perfectly well for us.

Retreats and team building:

At least once a year we invite the global team to an in-person retreat at a beautiful location and a smaller one for your geography area.