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$45k - $70k est.

Step Finance - the front page of Solana - are expanding our team with a dedicated QA manager. This role is responsible for owning quality across our entire product. You will design, run and oversee a comprehensive testing process for our product, supported by existing testing resources. With the largest coverage of DeFi protocols on Solana, this is an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of how DeFi works across the entirety of Solana, and have contact with users and teams across the entire ecosystem. Responsibilities:

Overseeing our testing process, adjusting and refining it to get the best outcomes for our users. Defining test cases on existing work in progress. Running tests on issues in our backlog. Overseeing regression testing in advance of each deployment, and co-ordinating with engineering for deployment. Liaising with community support team members to replicate and triage bugs as they are reported.

You will excel in this role if the following describes you:

You have some familiarity with DeFi, and/or are willing to learn as much as you can about the space.

You are detail oriented and think in a structured, clear and logical way, and enjoy 'breaking things' to see how they work.

You are a proactive communicator, and are comfortable engaging with non-technical users and team members alike to understand and verify the origin, cause and possible solutions for any bugs.

You own quality in the product as an outcome you're personally responsible for, and are exceptional at self management. You are outcome focused, and adjust your daily and weekly priorities to ensure the product serves our users well.

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