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Web3 NFT Biz Marketing Lead Manager Director

$30k - $120k

This job is closed

About Swapbox https://swapbox.xyz

At Swapbox we provide a safe and secure platform for NFT communities to swap and trade NFTs. We believe in a future where NFTs will represent different facets of our lives and become an extension of our identity. 

Founded by MIT alumni and game industry veterans, Swapbox's mission is to connect people through their shared passions and interests. Members of the Swapbox team work remote from different corners of the world. Swapbox is venture backed by by crypto and gaming investors C2Ventures, Distributed Global, and many more.


  • Develop and implement marketing strategy with other key team members
  • Actively manage company Twitter account and engage with the community via tweets, dms, and spaces
  • Track and own user acquisition and virality metrics
  • Develop intuition for user needs and how they interact with our products
  • Direct qualified marketing materials & campaigns
  • Build relationships with other key players in the ecosystem
  • Outreach to new and existing partners to ensured continued success


  • Strong understanding of NFT players, ecosystem, and trends -this is absolutely required to be considered.
  • Understanding of Web3 culture, what ecosystem players care about, and how they operate
  • Twitter/consumer marketing experience
  • Seamlessly balance the quantitative (separate signal from noise) and the qualitative (know cool when you see it) when making decisions
  • Ability to work with the business and product team; relaying information and feedback from users to help shape product
  • Entrepreneurial, self-directed, and hands-on
  • Attention to detail and commitment to follow-through