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$39k - $75k est.

Golden is looking for talented Blockchain Engineers to help us build a new decentralized protocol for canonical knowledge.

Our vision is to create a decentralized knowledge graph protocol that maps 10 billion entities and the public knowledge surrounding them. The world is lacking a decentralized graph of canonical knowledge that is open, free, permissionless and incentivizes contributions to the graph.

As an early team member, you will be working in a startup environment with high autonomy and a rapid development pace. This is a great chance to work on a fundamental token and new Web3 protocol. Your work will result in a new way data is valued, handled, and exchanged across the globe.

We are a globally distributed remote team working in time zones between San Francisco and Prague. This is a fantastic opportunity to join an early stage startup and build a world changing product.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Develop a core Web3 protocol for a knowledge graph.
  • Enable community of crypto-enthusiasts to contribute to the universal graph of knowledge.
  • Connect crypto-incentivized AI to a novel knowledge graph API.
  • Retrofit Web3 UX into
  • Build dApp versions of Golden data entry tools and work on the front lines of a new decentralized knowledge graph.
  • Create greenfield dApps connected to multiple blockchains.

Skills We Need

  • Ability to handle UX experiences that accommodate the unique concerns of blockchain.
  • Experience building full stack applications and blockchain based products. You are comfortable designing, developing and deploying features from beginning to end.
  • Experience with code interacting with blockchains.
  • Experience with blockchain based Dapps.
  • Experience building on blockchains such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Near, Dfinity, or Solana.
  • Strong understanding of smart contracts with a passion for producing secure, economically efficient, auditable, and readable code.
  • Experience working with Solidity (or otherwise) and libraries e.g. web3.js or ethers.js.
  • An awareness of contract security best practices.
  • Concern over the financial implications of your code.
  • Experience with smart contract tooling e.g. Truffle, Hardhat, or OpenZeppelin.

Bonus Points

  • You desire to work closely with various Web3 layers and have experience with IPFS and Arweave.
  • Scaling dApp transactions using side-chains, bridges, and ZK-rollups.
  • You enjoy reading white-papers and have a broad knowledge of mechanisms across white-papers.
  • You voted in a DAO or are participating in one.
  • Experience with distributed file storage systems.
  • Experience with EVM side-chains (Polygon, Celo, etc.) and cross-chain bridges.
  • You relish the opportunity to take ownership and build something great.

About Golden

Golden is venture-backed by a16z, Founders Fund, Gigafund and other top tier investors, and is led by Jude Gomila, a founder of Heyzap (YC ‘09, acquired for $45 million in 2016) and investor in over 200 startups. To learn more about Golden visit us at and check out our blog or join the conversation at @Golden